My favourite thing in the world: sitting alone in a café, sipping on a cappuccino in the cold, rainy weather. Where better to experience this than in London, where the...

Despite being part of the European Union, the UK hasn’t adopted the euro. Instead, Londoners use pounds. Currency in London is fairly simple – 100 pence per pound (or pound sterling). However, if you want to sound like a local, instead of pence, you could say “pee,” and instead of pounds, you could say “quid.” Also, a five-pound note is called a “fiver” while a ten-pound note is called a “tenner.” Congratulations – you’re now well versed in London’s currency talk.

London, like all other fantastic, bustling cities has three main methods of transportation: taxi, the Tube (its metro system), and those famous double decker buses. At first, navigating London may be a bit scary and imposing, but in a short span of time, you’re bound to get familiar with the city and how to get to your internship in London.