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Remote Internship Program

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A remote internship is a project-based internship experience that can be done from a remote location, without the need to be physically present at the office during office hours. You’ll be embarking on an international experience at no travel cost, completing your work without a commute and directly from your own laptop!

Remote internships will allow you to market yourself to future employers, prove your worth remotely at no travel cost, and kick-start an international career from anywhere

Why Should You Embark on a Remote Internship?

Boost Your Employability

Doing a remote internship with a global company will help you obtain the skills needed to be a valuable asset to future employers, such as time management, cross-cultural fluency and self-discipline. Having this skill-set in your resume proves you can thrive in a remote environment and will ultimately boost your employability.

Make Your Resume Shine

A resume that shows a willingness to embrace risk -in roles, industries, even location- is an asset in these uncertain times. Students who have remote work experience gain flexibility and resilience.

It’s your Adaptability Quotient (AQ) -and no longer your IQ or Emotional Quotient (EQ)- that will allow you to acquire new skills and get ready to navigate the future after graduation.

Go Global From Anywhere

Whether you’re combining your studies, a job, or family commitments, a remote internship allows you to go global from your home, having flexible hours 20 – 30 h per week to meet academic requirements or other responsibilities. Having access to a greater international network of professionals is the biggest advantage of remote internships.

Are You A High School or Gap Year Student?

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