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Publishing Internships

This is definitely an exciting time to work in the publishing industry, as it seems that more changes will occur during the next few years than have done in the last century, particularly in how published content is presented, perceived and promoted.

A publishing internship will make information available to the public and will be actively involved in copyediting, proofreading, and author negotiations. You will also gain the opportunity to be a part of informal seminars given by various departments within the firm as well as learn copyediting techniques. This internship exists to give as broad a work experience as possible by allowing interns to assist in all areas of the production process in some capacity.

As an intern, you will be assigned to a mid to senior level employee to assist in the writing, research, and fact checking process as well as the production process for those with an interest or artistic background. Since you will be exposed to all aspects of the publishing process, we suggest applicants have excellent communication skills and have a strong command of the English language. Applying for an Absolute Publishing and Editorial internship, you will gain the necessary experience to flourish in this competitive and exciting industry.

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