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University Partnerships

Your Partner in International Internships


Whether you’re looking to build a new international internship program from the ground up, or expand your program within an existing framework, Absolute Internship has the expertise to assist you in providing global internship opportunities for your students. You’ve got a goal, we’ve got the on-site relationships, operations expertise and local knowledge; together we can build a sustainable program meeting your academic and institutional targets.


Why Absolute Internship?


  1. All Absolute Interns will be matched with internship placements in their industry of choice. Unlike other providers, we do not ask our interns to list second or third industry options, as our goal is to provide them with relevant professional experience.
  2. Our award-winning program is rated 10/10 on GoAbroad and 97% on GoOverseas by past participants, and has been featured in top news media including Forbes, Bloomberg Business News, the BBC and the New York Times.
  3. Our service is extremely personalized, and we are able to tailor the program to meet each university’s needs. We keep universities updated constantly and respond in less than 24 hours to all communication.
  4. We currently partner with over 60 higher education institutions worldwide, including universities in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Italy and Australia, and can provide references upon request.  
  5. We offer central, high-end housing where all Absolute Interns live. We house the students together for health and safety purposes, to foster the creation of a community and to provide 24/7 on-site support through our Program Coordinators. For this reason, our interns consistently rate housing as one of the highlights of our program. 
  6. We are committed to providing students of varying nationalities, education and experience levels with the opportunity to intern abroad and have provided several scholarship opportunities in the past to achieve this goal. 
  7. We are visa experts and have developed long-term relationships with various consulates and embassies around the world, in order to constantly stay on top of various visa regulations and restrictions. We are directly involved in the visa process and guide each student through the steps of obtaining the necessary permissions to work overseas, simplifying the process of sending students abroad.
  8. Unlike other providers, we do not outsource any aspect of our program. We have developed  a strong team and do not work with “on-site partners.” All of our Program Coordinators are trained in our head office, which is also responsible for planning and executing all program activities. Along with the relationships we have built with over 800 host companies, this enables us to provide global internship programs of the highest quality. 


How can we work together?


Absolute Internship focuses particularly on designing internship programs that allow your students to step out of their comfort zone, gain insight into their industry of interest in an international work environment, connect with industry leaders, and build their own professional networks.


Our services:


Summer Programs

Our award-winning summer programs allow students to intern in 12 different locations for 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks. We recommend this service as it is all-inclusive: we provide program support, internship placements, housing, cultural activities, visa support, a local transportation pass, company visits and career development workshops, as well as on-site Program Coordinators living in the same housing as the Absolute Interns and available to assist them 24/7.

Internship Placement Only

Another option for your students is the Internship Placement Only service. This option is offered all year-round in all of our locations, for as long as the corresponding visa permits. In this case we provide internship placements and regular check-ins with the student and employer over the course of the internship. We would be able to provide visa information as well, however each intern would be responsible for processing their visa, finding housing, and organizing the details of their time abroad.

Think Big. Build Your Program with Absolute Internship

Top Benefits for your University

Attractive international profile to your degree offering

Prepare your students for the ultra competitive world upon graduation

Profile your university in the most exciting, fast-paced cities in the world

We bring our expertise with enormous outreach and have local staff in all our locations

Top Benefits for your Students

Potential employment by the host company and a top CV that stands out from the crowd

Internships abroad allow students to expand their professional network

Professional development through the Career Speaker Series with leading industry experts

Students develop professional skills, language skills, and apply academic studies to practice



Ready to get started?

We’re here to answer any questions you have about Absolute Internship. Send us an email with your name, university and question you may have:

University Partnerships Manager