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Entrepreneurship Internships

Absolute Internship was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by World Finance in 2015 and has tremendously strong connections with the global start-up scene. Undertaking one of our entrepreneurship internships will immerse you in the start-up culture in your city of choice and provide you with valuable insights into a very different career path from that of the typical graduate.

As an entrepreneur, you will have the opportunity to take control over the details of your working life. When you’re the boss, all decisions – from design concepts to job creation, sales, business operations, and customer relationship management – will ultimately circle back to you. This arrangement provides a greater opportunity for financial success and creative freedom. Entrepreneurship internships are a fantastic starting point if you have plans to start your own company in the future. The most exciting opportunities and the greatest rewards available for the most courageous individuals.

Work environments and responsibilities differ greatly from a corporate internship and most of the start-ups that Absolute Internship partners with are situated in exciting, fast-growing incubators. We have excellent relationships with the most well-known and recognized incubators in all of our program destinations.

Entrepreneurship internships with Absolute Internship will connect you with exciting start-up companies, innovation-oriented companies and entrepreneurial social ventures. You will work in the fast-paced, ever-changing business environment of a start-up company, and will have the opportunity to draft business plans, perform market research and help small business owners with everyday operations.

You will need to be comfortable with constant change and with juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time. This range of tasks and roles provides a snapshot of the world of the entrepreneur. Allowing you to acquire important skills including business development, finance, marketing, public relations and many more. All of these skills are relevant and applicable in any future job you will undertake.

The start-up experience will benefit the young professional involved and the host company by bringing together real business development experience and the brightest students who bring new ideas, differing skill sets, and high amounts of enthusiasm. A true entrepreneur will put their career or financial security on the line in the name of an idea with the potential of making a huge return.

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