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Engineering Internships

One of the best ways to get engineering experience and build your resume outside of university, is to land an engineering internship. Internships help you develop professional experience and build fantastic industry connections for your future career.

Absolute Internship offers engineering internships that give you the opportunity to explore key engineering sectors, such as civil engineering, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. We also offer opportunities within sustainability and Green Technology, an up-and-coming industry specialism, particularly in Asia. In fact, there’s no better place to gain relevant engineering experience today due to the rapid growth taking place in territories such as China and Singapore. Our engineering internships in these locations remain some of our most popular internship opportunities.

Throughout history, engineers have contributed an enormous amount to their communities, countries and colleagues. Engineering is all about the design and production of useful products and services. This includes everything from building highways to the latest spaceships. Engineering is an exhilarating career path that is continuously in demand.

Engineering internships in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore are often located outside the respective city centers due to the complexity of related work sites. Nevertheless, we also offer opportunities for more business-oriented internships within the engineering industry that are located within the city centers.

By embarking on one of Absolute Internship’s engineering internships, you will gain exposure to various technical subjects and skills sets, as well as developing your problem solving abilities, communication, innovation and decision-making too. These skills are not only valuable to succeeding in engineering, but in all aspects of business. With an international engineering internship, you will gain valuable experience that will help propel your career forward within one of the world’s most competitive fields.

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Absolute Internship offers internships abroad in a variety of different industries ranging from Fashion to Legal and everything in between. Check out our industry spectrum below and discover how an internship abroad can lead you to the career of your dreams.

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