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Sustainability Absolute Internship

Sustainable, socially responsible, diverse #futureleaders

Absolute Internship sustainability and diversity
Absolute Internship sustainability and diversity: beach clean up

As an organization, we have a crucial corporate responsibility to sustainable change and reflect this through our thorough office recycling plan, sustainable travel plans for our programs, the dedication of our team to ethical diet practices, and monthly team volunteering efforts to make the cities in which we live a little more clean and brighter for future generations.

We take pride in our commitment to Diversity and Sustainability, and support you in your own individual efforts!

Aurélie & Fredrik
Co-Founders at Absolute Internship

Remote & Travel Sustainability Internships

A Sustainability Internship will give you the opportunity to gain valuable insights and hands-on experience into the social entrepreneurship and organizational sustainability landscape around the globe, working with and supporting some of the leaders in sustainable and social impact.

Our corporate partners are established companies as well as non-profit organizations working on sustainable development goals. It is our goal to connect students to top leading companies making a difference and a measurable impact for a better world.

Diverse Community Fund

Diverse Community Fund


  1. Apply to our Program
  2. If accepted, interview with one of our Enrollment Coordinators and mention the Diversity Community Fund.
  3. Become officially enrolled by paying the deposit, and sending the additional information to the Enrollment Coordinator
  4. The Scholarship Committee will reach out if you are awarded the scholarship.



Being identified as Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA), Black, Students with Disabilities or Learning Difference, First-Generation and/or Low Income (FLI), International, Latinx, LGBTQIA, Native American, Women and Communities of Faith.

*All-year-round funding opportunity when enrolling in our program.

Award: €500 to redeem from program fee.

Resource Guide for the Diverse Community

Whoever you are and wherever you come from, it is your right to have access to international experiences. Diversity and inclusion in higher education are improving every year but it is still not good enough.

At Absolute Internship, promoting inclusion in higher education is a priority! Learn about financial resources available to go abroad as a student, as well as those who are part of an underrepresented community.

Download the guide for free:

Interns From Around the World on Sustainability

“My host company helped me increase my
knowledge about the solar industry. I
would’ve not learned about what I see doing
after college. And in what area. I would’ve missed
out on gaining a new perspective on the world
and my place in it!”
– Avery from University of Oregon
(Sustainability Internship in Singapore)

Absolute Internship Philanthropy Award
Absolute Interns on a sustainability internship
Get 800€ off by enrolling before August 15