Crucial Relationships in China


Crucial Relationships in China

The first couple weeks of my time in Shanghai have been fantastic. I have already formed many new relationships and have gained invaluable knowledge. From the moment I walked off the airplane after a 12-hour flight from the United States, I knew that this trip would be life changing and be something to remember for the rest of my life.

shanghaiThe relationships I have formed here in Shanghai have been crucial. All of the students who traveled with me to China are from the same University as me. Despite this, I had never met the majority of them before this trip. Even those who I had met I didn’t really know well. By being in this new environment and experiencing new things together, our group has become very close and tight knit. The friendships I formed made the transition to life in a foreign country a lot easier and more streamlined. Although I still miss home, I feel like there is a piece of home with me here in China.

shanghai towerI am also thankful for meeting and getting to know my professional connections here in China. The Absolute team along with my internship supervisor have been valuable resources for me here in China and have shared with me valuable insight into living life in China as well as how to transition into the working world from school. From the first night when I met and got to know the Absolute team over dinner, to the excursions we have been on around the city, I know that I can count on the Absolute team not only here in China but down the road as well.

The knowledge and skills I have already gained here in Shanghai is baffling. By just working with my supervisor and talking with him throughout the day, I could make an argument that I have learned more in two weeks about financial skills and life in general than I have learned in half a semester in school. My supervisor loves to talk about the financial industry and investment banking, but more than that he loves to teach me skills and practical knowledge that will help me succeed and thrive in the future. I never thought that I would be so thankful for an opportunity and learn so much knowledge.


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