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My favourite thing in the world: sitting alone in a café, sipping on a cappuccino in the cold, rainy weather. Where better to experience this than in London, where the...

Londoners use pounds. Currency in London is fairly simple – 100 pence per pound (or pound sterling). However, if you want to sound like a local, instead of pence, you could say “pee,” and instead of pounds, you could say “quid.” Also, a five-pound note is called a “fiver” while a ten-pound note is called a “tenner.” Congratulations – you’re now well versed in London’s currency talk.

London, like all other fantastic, bustling cities has three main methods of transportation: taxi, the Tube (its metro system), and those famous double decker buses. At first, navigating London may be a bit scary and imposing, but in a short span of time, you’re bound to get familiar with the city and how to get to your internship in London.

My name is Claire and I have just finished my third-year Bachelor Study in Finance and Economics at The University of Sydney. As a graduate soon-to-be, I have been actively involved in various career opportunities throughout the year. However, I do think that this Hong Kong internship would be the most exciting and challenging of all. Upon joining this program, I had a choice between Shanghai and Hong Kong. There are two reasons that I chose Hong Kong: first, its special position as ‘the centre of Asia’, incorporated with a mix of both western and Chinese culture; second, Hong Kong has long been one of the world’s most important financial centres, with presence of over 200 financial institutions. I look forward to immerse myself into its unique cultural environment as well as to get more insights on the finance industry.

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