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Sit Down And Laugh

Sit Down And Laugh

My experience working in Shanghai has proved to be an amazing experience. Not only did I have an amazing experience working in a new city, but I also greatly enjoyed the fact that I was assisted by the Absolute Team. There were many things that i learned and experienced in my time in Shanghai, that I would not have otherwise. I believe that in many ways, it’s important for a person’s cultural and academic growth to study or work abroad at least once. My summer working in Shanghai has proved to be a once in a lifetime experience. I would not trade this experience for anything.

experience in chinaWhile it did help that this was my second time visiting China, and I have been studying the language, it was still a very big learning opportunity. China is a huge place, with different cultures in different places. For example, Guangzhou (the city I studied abroad in) is located in the southern Guangdong Province. This city has a VERY different culture and overall feel from Shanghai. Since the two cities are in different provinces, the people’s original dialects are different making their accents different. Also the difference between the two cities international presence is very evident. The point is that going to China, I’m always surprised. In addition I have never been let down.

Another great part of this trip was the great career speakers that Absolute set up from us. I got the best advice on visiting China from one of the co-founder of the restaurant Wagas. Her advice was while in China, “always make sure to laugh.” This advice is the most accurate thing that i’ve heard about China. I found that this advice was most useful because being a foreigner in China can be VERY frustrating. This frustration can even come to someone who has been to China before and has been learning the language. Chinese culture is very different from western culture in many ways. Sometimes the difference can really get to you. On the days when you get tired of everybody staring, or nobody willing to help you with directions, it’s best to just sit down and laugh. Believe me, it really helps.

What I would like to leave you with is this. If you are ever considering traveling to China, that you should do it. If you think about it, everybody who is your job competition is doing exactly what you’re doing right now. They’re studying, getting good grades, applying for internships, all in hopes to get a good job.

As a college student studying or working abroad really sets you apart from employers. Not only because it’s something different, but also because it shows your adaptability skills.

Good Luck!

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