Connections and Cultures

Connections and Cultures

connections in chinaOne of the great things about this trip is that we not only get the professional experience in the workplace, but that we’re exposed to the different Business cultures. While we are in China, I have learned many things about European Business Culture. I think that this is very important in the development of a young professional who aspires to work across seas. While it is a single country destination abroad trip, I have learned many things from the very international Absolute Internship Staff too. Hearing about their professional stories in their own home countries, to their experiences working in the Chinese professional market. Working with Absolute Internship, I was able to gain more of a worldly view. As an International Business Major I think that this was imperative for my professional development.

shanghai cultureAnother thing that Absolute Internship has helped me with was their wonderful introduction to the great city of Shanghai! All of the great places that they took us to, as well as the City Scavenger Hunt made it so we were able to navigate the city in an efficient manner. This was a magnificent way for us, as students to see all of the great locations of the city by ourselves. Our new found bearings of Shanghai Public Transportation really helped us when we got lost, or wanted to go out exploring on our own. This is one of the things that really helped us get immersed in the Shanghai Culture. Out of all of the activities that Absolute provided for us, I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt the most.

I really think that the advice that I received and the connections that I was able to make through Absolute was the most beneficial thing that I got from Absolute. One of the things that I was not able to do last time I traveled to China was make connections for the future. The people at my job that I’ve made connections with, as well as the people through the Absolute Career Events. Traveling and working in a new Country is very difficult when you’re doing it by yourself.

I’m glad that I was able to have Absolute help me through it.

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