Absolute Internship at a Glance

In a decade, Absolute Internship has formed into a leading international internship program. We enable university students and graduates to develop their career aspirations across the globe. Our programs take place in Barcelona, Beijing, Bogota, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Montreal, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Absolute Internship is a pioneering firm working with world-class companies to provide life-changing opportunities to our participants. Our award-winning programs aim to develop both the personal and professional skill sets those who enrol, allowing ambitious individuals to follow their passions alongside other like-minded students from all around the globe.

Absolute Internship is frequently featured as an industry-leader on renowned media outlets such as The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters and Sky News.

We are dedicated to providing international opportunities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find, and with a growing number of talented participants joining us each year, Absolute Internship continues to help students and graduates step out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams – wherever they may be.

4000+ Interns

Over the years, we've placed over 4,000 interns from all around the world.

800+ Companies

We work with over 800 companies, so we can guarantee you a meaningful internship that best fits you.

60+ Universities

We aim to foster meaningful partnerships with the top universities around the world.

Meet the Absolute Internship Team

Our team is composed of passionate people from all over the world.

Aurélie Chouaf
Nationality: France
Fredrik van Huynh
Nationality: Sweden
Eumari Bonilla Cartier
General Manager
Nationality: Venezuela
Heather Mancini
Operations Director Manager
Nationality: USA
Marta Vila
Customized Programs Manager
Nationality: Spain
Sabrina Starke
University Partnerships Manager
Nationality: USA
Alexandra Gemperle
Partnerships Development Manager
Nationality: Philippines
Monika Grzadka
Enrollment Manager
Nationality: Poland
Maria Pizzo
Enrollment Coordinator
Nationality: USA
Valery Calatrava
Enrollment Coordinator
Nationality: Venezuela
Maggie Mellon
Admissions Manager
Nationality: UK
Fern Pearson
Admissions Coordinator
Nationality: UK
Joel Muñoz
Marketing Coordinator
Nationality: Spain
Maria Castello
Nationality: Spain
Magdalena Kuzniar
Placement Manager
Nationality: Poland
Mateja Olujic
Placement Manager
Nationality: Croatia
Nina Bellamy-James
Placement Manager
Nationality: UK
Carolina de Goes
Nationality: Brazil