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Event Planning Internships

Ever want to coordinate your own charity fundraiser, fashion event or music festival? Event planning internships are a fantastic starting point for a career within event management. With the increasingly global nature of business, the demand for event managers will rise dramatically on the job market. By completing an event planning internship abroad, you’ll most likely learn how to coordinate and plan exciting events. The United States Labor Department projects that the number of meeting planner jobs will jump 16% over the next decade.

Event planning internships allow you to explore your creative and planning side, while also focusing on the necessary details to put on large fashion events, sports events or conferences for a client. If you possess a strong interest in building clients relations and have the ability to produce the visualizations and concept developments needed for large parties and conventions, then Absolute Internship’ program will suit you perfectly. We have excellent intern opportunities for events planning internships in fantastic international business hubs in China, Spain, London and Singapore. English is the only language requirement. You can choose to intern for 1-, 2- or 3 months through our program.

By completing an event planning internship through our program, your responsibilities may expose you to the beginning stages of developing a theme all the way to booking speakers and arranging décor, event support and security. You may also take part in team planning meetings that focus on establishing a budget and the dates of the event. Throughout your time abroad with the program, you may be exposed to researching celebrity guest speakers, draft letters to celebrity/VIP guests, and work closely with Events Managers to organize, record, and track progress.

At the end of your event planning internship abroad, you may be exposed to all aspects of producing and promoting events that lead to a better understanding of fundraising and the role your guest play in supporting a client’s needs. You’ll also learn how to effectively implement and manage an event in an international environment that will ensure a positive experience for all attendees. Absolute Internship recommends that potential intern candidates possess excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to work independently for our competitive event planning internships abroad.

Event planning internships are available in all our program destinations abroad. However, our top programs for event planning internships are: London, Madrid, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Check out our intern blog to read about how it’s like to take part of Absolute Internship as an intern in event planning.

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