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Non-Profit Internships

With nearly 1.2 million people working in 69,000 organizations, the nonprofit sector is a dynamic, vibrant and meaningful place to work. Whether in the fields of social services, health care, the environment, arts or culture, there are countless career paths for people who share the sector’s common vision: to make a difference. Though each type of job has its inherent benefits, nonprofit is a viable sector to work in for many reasons. The nonprofit sector has expanded in both number of organizations and employees. The benefits of nonprofit work extend further than compensation, medical benefits—as they allow individuals to live with purpose, execute their jobs with passion and give back to the surrounding community.

A non-profit internship with Absolute will develop your skill set in areas such as policy development, program development, and operations. Your passion for helping others will be channeled through trade organizations, social change organizations, or hospitals, but will none-the-less produce a positive change for yourself and those in need. This internship will teach you how to manage the workflow of a non-profit organization and will develop the leadership skills needed to efficiently and effectively produce the best results possible.

Just because these organizations do not seek profit, does not mean they do not seek talented employees. These non-profits want people who are serious about making a difference, have the desire to increase public interest, and have tangible leadership experiences to make things happen. If you possess these qualities then you will be given the responsibilities of coordinating weekly team meetings, developing event plans, and bringing volunteers together to promote your cause. Let Absolute Internship pave the way for you to pursue your passions through a non-profit internship.

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