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Accounting Internships

Do you dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant? Or consulting for one of the Big Four? Maybe you’re not quite sure what accountants do, but it sounds interesting to you? An internship in accounting is an excellent  way to dip your toe in the water for all parties. Absolute Internship offers international accounting and finance internships in the world’s most exciting cities. By selecting the accounting internship program, you are choosing your first step toward realizing your career dreams.

If there’s one field that gives you the foundational experience to succeed at just about anything in the business world, it’s accounting and finance internships.  Accounting is the language of business and usually takes the form of management accounting  which focuses on internal decision-making processes and resource allocation within organizations, and financial accounting, which is concerned with external reporting to stakeholders. By immersing yourself in an international accounting and finance internship, you not only gain insight into the intricate financial workings of a company but also develop a keen understanding of how to interpret and communicate its financial health. 

How Our Accounting Internship Programs Work?

Our accounting internships enable ambitious students to understand the communication of financial information to shareholders and managers. At Absolute Internship, we offer both remote and international on-site accounting and finance internships for our students to choose from. This way, all students are able to choose what works best for their situation and adventure level! Destinations include: Beijing, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Madrid, Paris and many more. Simply apply via our website here and choose between an online, high school, or on-site accounting internship experience. Make sure to note on your application that you’d like to have an internship specifically in the accounting field. After that, we will reach out to schedule an interview. Provided that you advance to the next round after interviews, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your spot in the program. After you’ve confirmed we will then get to work on finding you the best suitable match  for your accounting internship abroad. We take meticulous care to find an engaging accounting and finance internship for you by exclusively working with organizations and top companies that are able and willing to give students a full and meaningful experience with projects, and real world experience. No grabbing coffee here. By having a truly engaging experience, the accounting internship program becomes a solid foundation to get their bearings and learn new hands-on things, whilst boosting your resume.

Absolute Internship guarantees an internship in accounting for all interns. No more worrying about where you’ll end up, as we have that covered. If you have been selected for our in-person program, we also guarantee comfortable housing and exciting cultural excursions for our international accounting and finance interns, though you can also choose to select a fully remote accounting internship option. However you choose to embark on your accounting internship, we have an option for you that aligns with your class schedule while still building a resume that will impress future employers. 

Important to note: When you’re applying for your accounting internship program, there is no additional language requirement except English.

Remote Accounting Internships

Depending on your preference and class schedule, you may opt for a remote accounting internship for your accounting internship program. This can be a great and more feasible option for those unable to travel abroad, who may appreciate the ability to intern alongside other classes, part time jobs etc. Wherever you have wifi, you can gain meaningful work experience in the accounting and finance internship field, all from your laptop. Absolute Internship offers remote interns the ability to work with top international companies and mentors for you in order to have a global experience from anywhere.  This is a great option as the world shifts toward a more remote focused work culture. You’ll show potential future employers that you can thrive in a remote setting.

Opportunities In The Accounting Internship Programs

As an intern, you will be reporting to an internship supervisor at your company and may assist in everything from preparation of audit documents and expense reports as well as creating invoices to processing payments. You can expect to complete any of the following tasks during your internship: 

  • Assisting with administrative accounting tasks
  • Assisting with bookkeeping
  • Analyzing data and entering it into spreadsheets
  • Helping with financial reporting
  • Assisting with audits
  • Assisting in budgeting and forecasting
  • Researching and preparing presentations

By opting for the accounting internship program, you’ll leave with more valuable skills than just those that pertain to numbers. You’ll also:

  • Be able to make informed business decisions based on financial analysis 
  • Improve your understanding of the role of accounting and finance within a business
  • Massively improve your ability to problem solve and critically think

You’ll have built yourself a solid foundation for understanding the economic landscape in which businesses operate, making you an asset in decision-making processes in the future for any company. Accounting is the gateway, and by choosing an internship in accounting you’re unlocking the door to a successful future in the business world, and will put yourself ahead of your classmates.

Why Choose Absolute Internship For Your Accounting Internship Program

Absolute Internship is leading the charge by providing students access to world class companies while also providing life changing opportunities. By combining international experiences with professional work experiences we give students the ability to transform themselves and get a massive head start on their career. Not only will they learn to communicate globally, but they’ll also grow within themselves and they explore a new culture, country, and landscape. Through our carefully crafted internships, our accounting interns will gain invaluable insight into communication on a global scale while honing  their skills among a diverse cultural setting. 

We pride ourselves by partnering exclusively with excellent and enthused companies to ensure our interns get to really dive into their industry through learning experiences. The impact of our internships extends far beyond the singular experience, leaving those in the accounting internship program with the confidence to pursue their dreams afterwards. Many previous interns credit their success to their experience with Absolute, with job offers coming from previous interns thanks to the experiences with the program.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

Are these accounting and finance internships paid? 

No, they are not paid. 

Are the accounting internships open for international students?

This program is open to all nationalities. 

How can I apply for a remote accounting internship?

See this page and select a remote internship experience, simply choose the link under “Remote Internship Program”. 

What hours will I work during my virtual accounting internship?

You can select anywhere between 10 to 30 hours a week. It all depends on your class schedule.

Do I need to be in a specific location to apply for a virtual accounting internship?


Are virtual accounting internships as valuable as in-person internships?

Absolutely! Both provide different experiences as well as different challenges for the intern to overcome. Whichever works better for your lifestyle and class schedule is the one they will find most valuable. 

What qualifications are required for virtual accounting internships?

No qualifications are required, though Absolute Internship suggests that interns interested in this dynamic career field have previous classroom exposure to Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and feel comfortable using various Accounting Computer Software as well as Excel to complete tasks required by your host company. 

What’s included in the in-person accounting internship program? 

Guaranteed internship in the field of your choosing, housing for the entire duration of your internship, orientation, airport pick up included in all locations, transportation to and from your internship, planned weekend activities and cultural excursions, networking events and development as well as a closing ceremony.

How many hours will I work in the in-person accounting internship program? 

On average interns work in average between 35 – 40 hour per week.

What kind of assistance will I receive when I am at my accounting and finance internship? 

For our interns abroad, we have program coordinators on site available 24 hours a day in order to personally assist our interns with everything from using the train system to finding the best local restaurants in that city as well as helping you get acquainted with the local culture. Our staff is international and speaks several different languages so we are able to meet all interns’ needs.

In conclusion, if you want to stand out from the crowd and your classmates, then we suggest you apply for one of Absolute Internship’s accounting internships today. Launch your career the way you choose with either an international in-person internship or a convenient remote accounting internship. 

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