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Academic Credit

How To Earn Academic Credit For International Internships? 

Absolute Internship recognizes the importance of academic credit for university students and is partnering with Northern Arizona University to award academic credit to students who wish to earn academic credit towards their degree. We work with each student individually to ensure that you have the tools needed to apply for the credit.


1 – What Do You Need?
First, review and think of the following:

– Do you need academic credit?
– Will my home university accept credit for an international or remote internship?
– What is the minimum amount of hours you need to work to gain credit?
– What material do I need to prepare?

2 – Contact Your Home University
Then, contact your home university to inquire about obtaining academic credit. Absolute Internship can assist you in obtaining credit, however each university has a different  set of criteria and it is fundamental that you determine what those requirements are for your home university. 

3 – Contact Your Enrollment Coordinator
Once you’ve been accepted to the Absolute Internship Program and enrolled to either our in-person international internship program or online internship program, contact your Enrollment Coordinator at Absolute Internship with any questions you may have. Your Enrollment Coordinator will work with you to determine whether or not the next step for you is to obtain academic credit via your home university or transfer credit from the School of Record of Absolute Internship, Northern Arizona University. 

4 – Pay Your Program Tuition
You’ve completed the above steps. Now you’re ready to earn academic credit from our School of Record, Northern Arizona University – you need to complete a credit request form. Contact your Enrollment Coordinator to request the form and submit it before your program begins. Your Enrollment Coordinator will review and send you details about the next step. 

Enrollment to your academic credit is not finalized until you have paid the program tuition, which is separate from your program fee. 

5 – Complete Your International Internship
Whether you are taking part in our in-person or online internship program, you must complete all the required components in order to obtain your academic credit. You’d need to complete the minimum hours as well additional writings to receive credit from our School of Record. 


Academic Credit from Northern Arizona University
Absolute Internship has partnered with Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona to provide U.S. transcript and award academic credit for our award winning  international internship programs. Students from all around the world  can earn academic credit based on successful completion of internship hours worked, written journals, and an evaluation from your host company supervisor. 

Who’s eligible to earn academic credit through our internship program? You must be an enrolled student or a recent graduate from a Bachelor’s Degree Program, anywhere in the world. 


Number of Credits

3 credits

6 credits

9 credits

Minimum Hours Required

150 internship hours completed

300 internship hours completed

450 internship hours completed

  Total Price





Academic Credit from Your Home University

Absolute Internship works with various educational institutions and universities around the world to provide academic credit for our programs, allowing students to earn pre-existing home university credit for the internship work completed in our programs. This can include supervisor evaluations, certificate of completion and many other resources, 

If you are obtaining academic credit from your home university, Absolute Internship can provide you with:

  • Written confirmation of your guaranteed  international internship
  • Direct contact person to provide additional information of  our program to your Faculty or Advisor
  • Detailed scope of work at your internship at your confirmed host company with outlined  responsibilities
  • Written supervisor evaluation and confirmed internship hours completed 
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