Recruit Top Interns

We place top interns at companies all around the world from multinational firms to exciting startup companies. There is no charge to host an intern and our interns are carefully selected by our admission team through a comprehensive application process and are required to possess insurance prior to joining our program. Our admission team pays extra attention to previous internship experiences, grades, diversity and ability to adapt to a new international environment as well as extra-curricular activities.

The interns are available for one, two or three months and you are able to select the candidates you believe is the right fit for your organization.

How Absolute Internship Can Help Your Organization

Absolute Internship organizes all the logistical aspects around the internship such as the accommodation and airport pickup as well making sure that the intern arrives in the host country with a correct visa suitable for the internship. The interns are undertaking a comprehensive orientation upon arrival where our team covers business etiquette- and culture training. In some of our destinations such as Beijing and Shanghai we also include a basic Chinese Mandarin language component for the interns in order to maximize their preparation. Our team personally introduces the intern to your company at the first day.

Additionally, the Absolute Internship team are available 24 hours a day to assist with questions and concerns during the intern’s time abroad.

Benefits for Your Company

  • Free of Charge: This service comes at no cost to you.
  • Save Time and Money: Let us recruit talented, motivated and qualified interns.
  • Business Training: We provide our interns with pre-internship orientation and professional development training.
  • 7 Year Track Record: Proven success at placing high quality student interns at organization worldwide.

3 Simple Steps to Partner with Us

  1. Sign Up: Email us with information about your staffing needs.
  2. Review Candidates: We’ll match you with potential interns who will be a good fit for your organization, and you will have the opportunity to interview and review them.
  3. Training: The only thing we ask from you is that our interns are given rigorous and relevant experience.

Email us: Reach out to us with information about your staffing needs via info@absoluteinternship.com

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