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Internship Placement Service

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Award-Winning International Internships

Stand out from the crowd with Absolute Internship! We help students and graduates all around the world gain international internship experience outside of our full onsite programs. Explore one of our 11 destinations in one of +30 industries.

The Placement Only Service is offered to students worldwide, with start dates in summer, fall winter or spring, and from 2 to 6 months of duration depending on the chosen location and visa eligibility.

Our Placement Only Service fees entitle you to a guaranteed internship in your industry of choice, as well as visa support (if needed). It differs slightly from our other programmes as it doesn’t have the same inclusions such as housing and weekend activities. Is this the best fit for you? If you would rather organise housing yourself and not participate in the organised trips, apply now and we’ll review your application! We can’t wait to welcome you to our program.

Your Internship Placement in Europe and Asia

International internships in Barcelona


€ 1,400

International internships in Beijing


€ 1,400

International internships in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

€ 1,500

International internships in Lisbon


€ 1,400

International internships in London


€ 1,500

International internships in Madrid


€ 1,400

International internships in Paris


€ 1,400

internshio in seoul


€ 1,400

International internships in Shanghai


€ 1,400

International internships in Singapore


€ 1,500

International internships in Stockholm


€ 1,400

International internships in Tokyo


€ 1,400

What’s Included

Guaranteed Internship

Customized One-to-One Placement Support

CV Enhancement Support

Visa Assistance (On Specific Locations)

Pre-Departure Material Guides

Life-Changing Experiences

Discover first-hand experiences of past participants on our blog.

Explore a wealth of career advice and cross-cultural insights.

Find out how an international internship can elevate your CV,
and why Absolute Internship is the right program for you.

See what our alumni have to say about being on an Absolute Internship.

Get 800€ off by enrolling before August 15