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Human Resources Internships


Human resources is a general term meant to cover a wide range of activities, which includes hiring and firing employees, managing employee communications, settling employee disputes, creating benefits programs and training employees. A human resource manager has the responsibility of implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. They also must align a company’s recruiting strategies to the organization’s goals for the short to medium-term, which demand a responsiveness to the ever-increasingly competitive job market in order to secure qualified and capable employees at all levels.

If you are interested in entering this dynamic field, then an internship with Absolute will make this possible. As an intern you will aid in the hiring, training, and management of employees while also implementing the policies and standards needed to maintain a profitable operation. The needs of HR cover a wide range of tasks and, therefore, require someone who is not only good with people, but also organized, analytical, business-minded, and able to juggle many projects at once.

This profitable operation will require you to take part in business transformation, employee training and development, and assist in end-to-end recruitment. You will learn about team building and how to transform organizational culture into a powerful tool. The exposure to such a dynamic environment will give you the skills needed to become a human resources director, a dispute resolution specialist, or an employee relation’s consultant.


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Off to Wuxi and Beijing!

Off to Wuxi and Beijing!

As I sit in my heated room, with the temperature in the negatives outside, and my stomach nice and full from the American Burger Restaurant around the corner, I can’t help but reminisce on the past week we have had.[...]

You really do get the best of both worlds!

You really do get the best of both worlds!

Living in my shoes on a work day is kind of crazy! Every morning I wake up at 7 and get ready and go to work by Subway to get to work before 9. I leave early even though it[...]



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