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Finance Internships


The financial services industry is considered by many to be the most competitive and fierce industry to break into. Unlike other careers, which appear to become sought after for any certain time, finance careers are long-term. As lengthy as companies, industries, business, and also the government exist, there’d continually be job possibilities for finance.

Absolute Internship provides finance internships in Beijing, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, which give you real world experience in a high-risk field of business where you will use management, accounting, and law for local or international companies involved in Private Equity, Investment Banking, Financial Services or Consulting. This wide range of skills demands a finance intern who takes initiative, works well in a team, and willingly takes personal risk to make the most of such a valuable experience. As a finance intern you will verify and relay accounting related information to your vertical head as well as make or analyze financial reports produced by your firm or your client. You will also conduct due diligence on companies, draft memos, and develop business plans.

Due to Absolute Internship’s belief in mutual beneficial relationships and making sure you get the most out of your finance internship whether that is in Beijing, London, Hong Kong or Shanghai we suggest interns understand at least intermediate accounting, can interpret data in both statistical and narrative form, and must have excellent written and oral communication skills. Most importantly a finance internship allows you to set yourself apart from your classmates, as you gain a competitive advantage by connecting your university studies with industry experience abroad. If you think you posses the skills and determination needed for a finance internship, then let Absolute Internship start helping you with your career today.


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Being a finance associate in Shanghai - the best job in the world

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A day in the life of a finance intern

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