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Graphic Design Internships


Do you see yourself working in web design, advertising, or placing a crucial role in branding proposals? If you said to yes to any of these three options, then graphic design may be the right internship for you. Graphic design is a form of visual communication – where you get to speak a new language of lines, forms, colors, patterns and textures. What makes graphic design such a global career is that it is universal, with the ability to communicate across different cultures, languages and countries.

Graphic design will allow you to assist in establishing or enforcing a current online presence, where you could create graphics, or format content design for newsletters and important memos. These tasks require the intern to be self-motivated and be proficient in design software as well as the Macintosh operating system.

Due to the constant flux within our global culture, a good graphic designer will stay current on the trends within pop-culture. You must know your target audience and how to get their attention for your client. Although most people only see the end product of graphic designers, those in industry realize you must posses more than a good eye for color, form, and detail. If you feel you posses these qualities and more then apply for Absolute’s Graphic Design internship to obtain an inside view and valuable experience for your future career.


Blog / Read posts from previous graphic design interns


Reflecting on my experience

Reflecting on my experience

During my experience of internship in Shanghai, my work at the wedding company is about doing marketing on social media, such as writing posts in Facebook and managing the company’s account in Pinterest. I have some understanding of the social[...]

The vibrant and lively atmosphere of London

The vibrant and lively atmosphere of London

Each day of my internship so far has been pretty routine and easy going in terms of travel and the people I work with. I get up at 8am each day and catch the tube at around 9am to get[...]



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