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Program Benefits / How Absolute Internship can benefit your child’s career

As one of the premier all-inclusive internship program in the world, students that attend the Absolute Internship Program benefit from increased confidence and increased understanding of their future industry while establishing a global network of successful and high net-worth individuals. The experience will greatly improve their resume resulting in a valuable return on investment since they will be more marketable to future employers due to having international experience on their CV. By spending months around other motivated university students, our alumni will be inspired to pursue their dreams as this experience will create lifelong memories from traveling, living and working in some of the world’s most important cities. The benefits of the programs by Absolute Internship are frequently featured on high-rated global media outlets such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, BBC News, Sky News and Forbes Magazine.


Benefits of an Internship Abroad Include:

“With China being so far away, it was natural for me to worry about my daughter traveling to a foreign country alone for the first time.

Luckily, the staff was able to provide her support during her time in Beijing that she wouldn’t have received on her own.”

– Nancy Grant | Parent of Absolute Internship Alumni

International Work Experience: As competition for top jobs increase, working abroad can help set students apart from their peers. Working and living abroad will enhance the student’s perspective on the world, and ensure that they are able to adapt to the increasingly global job marketplace.

Guaranteed Internship in Their Field of Choice: It is important to us that the experience that students receive from their internship align with their career goals, so we guarantee a placement in the field of their choice if accepted into the Absolute Internship Program. In addition, we require all of our partner companies to provide detailed job descriptions and training schedules. This is to ensure that each student receives relevant real-word work experience, and not be fetching coffee for their host company.

Professional Networking Opportunities: As an integral part of the Absolute Internship Program, we organize a Career Speaker Series, where leading exectuives in finance, marketing, and other sectors present to students about their personal stories and career advice. Aside from opportunities to learn from leading industry experts, students will also have the opportunity to attend various networking events where they can meet professionals from all over the world and expand upon their network of global contacts.

24-Hour On-Site Support: Staff members of Absolute Internship live on-site and are available to students 24 hours a day. We also have multiple offices around the world, and can be reachable by students and their parents no matter what timezone you’re in.

Legal Visa: It is important to note that students cannot legally intern abroad without proper visa documentation. We have years of experience in processing visas to and from all parts of the world, and we take a hands on approach to assisting students through every step of the visa process. The student can be confident that they will receive the proper documentation to complete their internship and fully enjoy their stay in the host country.

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All students experience culture shock and/or homesickness when traveling abroad. It is a natural and necessary part when visiting a foreign country. With Absolute Internship, we can assure that we will assist your child during their adjustment to their host country. Aside from years of living in our program locations, our Absolute staff members have been thoroughly trained on helping students adjust to the to this difficult transition by listening and counseling students through their whole stay abroad. Within the first weekend Absolute Internship will host an on-site orientation weekend, which provides students with an overview of the city, cultural differences, the do’s and don’ts of life in their host country; in addition to information regarding local emergency and non-emergency medical providers, if needed. Our Absolute staff members live in the same accommodation as the students, and are on call 24 hours a day.

Aside from our students being able to contact us at all hours, we also open up our availability to parents as well, so parents are provided with contact details of the Absolute staff that will be on site with the student.


From the time of acceptance, students will have 10 days to confirm whether or not they would like to join the program and if they would like to accept their place, you will be instructed to pay a program deposit of 500 US$ / 350£ / 500AU$ via PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card online. At this point, we will provide a comprehensive Information Pack about the program and more information about the next steps as well as your visa. The remaining program fee is due 30 days later.


If accepted into the Absolute Internship program, students will be guaranteed an internship placement in the field of their choice. For example, a student that is accepted for a finance internship will not be placed in a marketing internship – this is our promise to each applicant. Students will be informed of their host company 4-6 weeks latest prior to their arrival. Some of our partner companies require an additional phone interview before the student arrives, but since we have strong business relationships with our partner companies and they are familiar with the high-standard of candidates that we bring them – the majority of our partner accept our candidates based on our recommendations.

All students will have the opportunity to speak to their future supervisor, who will be an English speaker, before they arrive.


With an alumni network of over 2000 students worldwide, your student will be able to connect with our LinkedIn group of program alumni and have the opportunity to continue networking with past, future program participants as well as top companies that Absolute Internship partners with, way beyond their internship program. In addition, where Absolute Internship alumni are located, we host yearly events in these cities, where students can have the opportunity to meet and network with other students they didn’t have the opportunity to meet during their time abroad.

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