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Absolute Internship at a Glance

In less than 5 years, Absolute Internship has formed into a powerful and reputable program for university students leading the industry in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Shanghai and Singapore.

With offices strategically located in London, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we bring our career expertise with enormous out reach.

Absolute Internship is a pioneering firm and we work with great companies to provide students and graduates the opportunity to develop both their personal and professional skillset and inspire them to follow their passions in an international environment with other students from all around the globe. Our complete internship programs allow participants to step out of their comfort zone, gain insight into their industry of interest in an international work environment, meet industry leaders and build their professional network.

Our program is frequently featured as an industry leading internship program on highest rated media outlets such as New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters and Sky News.

We are dedicated to providing international opportunities that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to find and strive to help students and graduates to follow their dreams – wherever they may be. And with a growing number of students and graduates joining us, Absolute Internship is the easiest way to broaden your horizon and intern abroad in this beautiful world.

Two Entrepreneurs with a Big Dream

Our story begins in the dormitory room of Fredrik in Osaka, Japan in 2008. As an exchange student at the Kansai Gaidai University, he found out that a lot of his classmates were looking into doing internships abroad. Although these university students asked their home universities for help, it was hard to find the right opportunities abroad. So Fredrik started to help his classmates by connecting them with internships through his own contacts back in Europe but also in China. As it turned out, there were many university students out there looking for international opportunities. By going abroad this way, university students also gained life-long friendships with other students, built their CVs and created memorable experiences.

Following his graduation, a thousand dollars and few trips around the world later, Fredrik realized that this was a fantastic opportunity. Soon after, the lone entrepreneur became a duo, asking Aurélie to join as the second co-founder of Absolute Internship. With the founding team in place, the two set off on a course to inspire students to follow their dreams and intern abroad.

What began as a Swede in a dormitory room in Japan, has now evolved into a growing business and industry leader. Initially starting with internships in China, Absolute moved on to internships in London as well as two more cities. Absolute Internship has unlocked the doors to amazing internship opportunities so that university students can discover a new foreign country and culture while interning with a group of other success-seeking students.

What makes us stand out, is that we are passionate about seeing our interns succeeding in their internship placements and beyond. We know that internships make you stand out of the crowd and enable you to follow your career dreams in life, which is why we strive to help and inspire university students to follow their passions and explore the beautiful world we’re living in. If we can inspire and help students with their careers through our internship programs, then we have accomplished what was first a big dream in a small dormitory room in Osaka.

We invite you to join us now and become part of our Absolute story.

Guaranteed Internship in Beijing

Over the years, we’ve placed over 2,000 interns from all around the world.


We work with over 500 companies, so we can guarantee you a meaningful internship that best fits you.


We aim to foster meaningful partnerships with the top universities around the world.

Trips to the Moon

Amount of distance traveled by interns to our programs equal up to more than 50+ trips to the moon.

Meet the Team / Our team is composed of passionate people from all over the world



Aurélie Chouaf

Aurélie Chouaf

aurelie at absoluteinternship dot com

Fredrik van Huynh

Fredrik van Huynh

fredrik at absoluteinternship dot com

 Anna Deel Bolgia

Anna Del Bolgia
Business Development Manager

anna at absoluteinternship dot com

 Kelly Dundon

Kelly Dundon
University Partnerships Manager

kelly at absoluteinternship dot com

Margaux Oun

Anne-Fleur Vaartjes
Business Development Associate

annefleur at absoluteinternship dot com


Marine Vacquier
Business Development Associate

marine at absoluteinternship dot com

 Flavien Le Dreau

Flavien Le Dreau
Marketing Associate

flavien at absoluteinternship dot com

Joanne Chiu

Joanne Chiu
Hong Kong Program Director

joanne at absoluteinternship dot com

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