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Architecture Internships


The work of an Architect is one of the most challenging and enjoyable career paths out there. Every building and project is different allowing for the thrill and the challenge for an exhilarating career.

Absolute’s architecture internship program covers three main areas: Architecture, Urban Planning, and Landscape Design. Architects plan, design, and construct buildings and structures to reflect their unique understanding of ambiance, form, and use of space. This creation process will include aspects of realizing buildings, such as scheduling, cost estimating, and administrative duties. Urban Planning, on the other hand, integrates land use and transportation planning to improve urban citizen’s quality of life. If you choose to pursue this challenging program, you will learn how to build, create, and manage the construction project in the office as well as on site.

Throughout the program you will gain hands-on training that not only enhances your resume, but also will build upon and further solidify knowledge gained at your university. Working under qualified professionals will teach you how to manipulate and coordinate the use of light, building materials, and aesthetics to build the desired structure. Although Absolute Internship only requires aptitude for visual conceptualization, a creative spirit, and enthusiasm about design, we suggest you have knowledge of ACAD, 3DMAX, and SketchUp as well as a major relevant to the field of architecture. We guarantee a personalized internship placement and experience that focuses on your desired interest and your background.


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I definitely want to return to Shanghai

I definitely want to return to Shanghai

Having studied abroad before, I found exploring a new city absolutely amazing. It was a great experience and I definitely want to return to Shanghai, because one month wasn’t enough to do everything I wanted to do. The internship was[...]

This is only the beginning

This is only the beginning

Hong Kong.....What a wild city. I remember the first few moments stepping off the plane and into the airport only to be lost in the midst of hundreds of people. I was freaking out thinking “How the heck am I[...]



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