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Fashion Internships


Today, the fashion industry has truly transformed into a global industry where fashion designers, clothing manufacturers, fashion merchandisers and retailers come together from all the corners of the globe to come up with new styles and designs of clothing, shoes and accessories which would appeal to all age and market ranges.

Absolute Internship helps you prepare yourself for an amazing opportunity to gain exposure in most facets of fashion such as design, marketing, PR, merchandising, or the strictly business side of the industry. You will learn from leading fashion companies in the fashion capitals of the world, which demand their fashion interns to love fashion as well as prove they are highly motivated. Fashion internships are available in Beijing, London and Shanghai. If you want to rise above an internship in the future, you must be willing to put in the extra work in order to prove your dedication. The fashion internship will provide you with practical and valuable experience that you simply could not obtain in a classroom environment at your school.

Most fashion internships focus on two differing areas: the Public Relations/Marketing side or trafficking RTW, assisting in photo shoots, and attending industry events. Both areas will give practical experience you cannot learn in school, but more important give the opportunity to build relationships with executives in this global industry that could prove very beneficial in the future. Utilize your leadership and interpersonal skills to pursue your dream, show your dedication, and explore the world of fashion. Apply today for a fashion internship with Absolute Internship.


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From Adelaide to Shanghai

From Adelaide to Shanghai

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It's Fashion Time!

It's Fashion Time!

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