Hong Kong, I’m back!

Hong Kong, I’m back!

Sydney my home! Vivid Light Festival 2014 at Darling Harbour

Hi I’m Jasmine, currently in my penultimate year studying a Bachelor of Commerce / Arts at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, Australia.

Food excites me, as do good looking things in general, I look younger than I actually am (it’s how I work my magic, you know ;D) and I enjoy the occasional non-sober fun times despite how fire truck red I turn. In my spare time I enjoy travelling and volunteering, and I could say ‘long walks on the beach’ but that’ll sound like you’ve just speed dated me.

But in all seriousness:

It is uncanny to think this will be my third trip to Hong Kong within the space of one year. Having paid a short stopover in early January, there was no way I could have possibly predicted that in 6 months time, I would be back in Hong Kong to study for 5 weeks. Now fast forward another 6 months, and it looks like I’m coming back.

intern in hong kong

Just some of the awesome friends I made on exchange!

I must really like Hong Kong eh?

What I’m really looking forward to is, the opportunity to eat 1) a ‘dan tat’ (egg tart); 2) a ‘gei dan jai’ (egg waffle); and 3) the heavenly Godiva chocolate soft serve I’ve been eyeing on Instagram for the past month. (Australia is too isolated to have such privileges).

Oh and I also want to have another taste of Tim Ho Wan’s glorious BBQ bun.

intern in hong kong

HK in July at the Avenue of Stars

Asides from that, I look forward to escape the summer heat of Australia and embark on a new life opportunity in a country that I’ve visited as a tourist, studied as a student and in 25 days time, would have started working as a full-time employee. At the same time, I’m keen to meet all the other fellow interns and hoping they’ll be many from different countries. I expect the internship program to offer me greater insights into my chosen marketing field, and bring me a step (or a few steps) towards my future career direction.

I’ve heard that the Hong Kong corporate culture is vastly differently from Australia’s (a lot less relaxing!), which makes me wonder …

What will Hong Kong have in stall for me this time?

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