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Since Hong Kong is an easy place to live, settling down has been extremely! The accommodation is way better than I had hoped for so even if I am just relaxing in my room, I am completely satisfied! To top that off, my workplace is just 15-20 minutes walk from the accommodation and it’s located right next door to Lan Kwai Fong!

So far, I haven’t had any problems with my everyday life in HK as Absolute Internship has made everything very convenient for us. Obviously there will always be little bumps in every journey, but I guess this is the best part of an experience! Even though Absolute Internship is always ready to help us, I reckon that I learn the most by trying to resolve it on my own first before seeking for help.

My first week of internship in Hong Kong has gone by like a breeze. It was an extraordinarily busy week in the office since there were various intern in hong kongsignificant events that the team had to prepare thoroughly for. Because the firm I am interning at only has around 10-12 employees, it is an extremely tight-knit team. I am currently interning in a boutique Financial PR/Strategic Communications Consulting firm in Central, Hong Kong. As this area is new to me, I started off my internship journey by reminding myself that I am here to learn as much information and knowledge as possible.

internship in hong kongWhen I arrived on my first day, everyone was definitely welcoming and very down to earth. Although the team is small, it’s fascinating how much you can learn from just trying to observe the different personalities around the office and listening in on the discussions and small talk. However, the highlight of my week would definitely have to be Wednesday 3rd December. I clearly remember that day to be jam-packed and busy, I got the chance to go along and help out with two large events that my firm was organising. In the morning, I helped out/attended a client’s AGM (Annual General Meeting) at the JW Mariott and in the afternoon, we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel to assist with a joint venture press conference that my firm was organising on behalf of the client. This was the highlight of the week because I was able to listen in on the press conference and see DAVID BECKHAM close-up! Not only this, I was able to closely observe the CEO and directors of my firm in action as well as how they dealt with unexpected situations, issues and stress.

Despite it only being the first week, I have actually learnt so many things that I wouldn’t have been able to read in textbooks or learn in uni lectures! My intern life in Hong Kong so far has been an incredible mixture between valuable work experiences in the day and crazy nights out at LKF! In my opinion, this feels like an amazing start to my internship! 🙂

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