From Brisbane to Hong Kong

hong kong intern

From Brisbane to Hong Kong

intern in hong kongHi! My name is Megan Lipsys, a Bachelor of Design student studying Interior design.

I have been living in Brisbane, Australia for the past three years where I have also been studying at the Queensland University of Technology.  Over this time I have met friends as close as family and have been a part of many new experiences, really shaping myself as a person. I have always loved cooking and entertaining, and since living in Brisbane, this is a part of my life I’ve really come to embrace.  intern in hong kong

I also enjoy keeping active and find exercise acts as a release I really enjoy.  Recently I discovered a love for gardening, which for someone who doesn’t have a good track record with keeping things alive, it has definitely taught me a lot!  Going into my third year of Interior design I really want to broaden my experiences and get involved in new, exciting adventures.

For me I feel that travelling across the world to participate in Absolute Internship will help me fulfill this ambition.

Fairly soon I will be heading off to Hong Kong to begin my travels in a place which up to now I have only dreamed of experiencing.  I feel that travelling internationally for the first time alone will help me build my character as I face challenges I wouldn’t usually.  The opportunity to be an intern and gain real experience in a firm is something I have been seriously considering for quite a time now and it is surreal to think that this will soon be a reality.

I can’t wait to meet new people, try amazing food and network within some really exciting firms all while exploring a new city and way of life.  I feel the chance to participate in such a unique opportunity will give me a richer outlook while broadening the ways in which I approach design throughout my career.

It’s not long now!

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