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Cheerio London!

london internship

Cheerio London!

My favourite thing in the world: sitting alone in a café, sipping on a cappuccino in the cold, rainy weather. Where better to experience this than in London, where the winter is blessed with approximately 10 days of sunshine? london interns

My name is Téa Angelos and I am studying a dual degree in Law and Commerce at the University of Queensland. In a competitive labour market, many graduates face the horrifying reality of being unemployed. I believe that it is imperative to gain an ‘edge’ over your competitors and my law internship in London will be integral in assisting me to achieve this.

Aside from the legal and financial fundamentals of my degree, I also have a great interest in and passion for photography and fashion, which really drew me to completing my internship in London. A city that that is always buzzing, London is a major business hub of the world and offers a truly unmatchable and unique experience. Simultaneously excited and nervous, I hope to be pleasantly surprised with the culture and liveliness of the city (and try to cope with the freezing weather).

Nonetheless, I have a few expectations about my imminent internship.

  1. Sleep will be scarce.

I have never been to London before and with just under a month in the city, I hope to discover and explore as much of the city as possible. Whether this is through aimlessly wandering the streets or consuming a red velvet cupcake from every bakery I encounter, I aim to maximise every minute before and after my daily working hours in order to never miss an opportunity and gain the fullest experience. There’s always plenty of time to catch up on sleep when I return home, right?

Some cupcakes I plan on eating from Crumbs & Doilies bakery in London!

Some cupcakes I plan on eating from Crumbs & Doilies bakery in London!

  1. Every day will be a challenge.

I have a confession to make: I am embarrassingly dependent on my family and friends in all aspects of my life. I am a hopeless cook (does avocado on toast count?) and the thought of domestication sends shivers down my spine. So it’s obvious that my month abroad will be a massive challenge for me, not only in regards to working full-time and completing tasks I have never learnt or encountered before, but also forcing myself to ‘grow up’ and become fiercely independent.

Hopefully, I will leave London with more than just a month’s worth of unparalleled work experience and pale skin. Instead, I hope to gain vital lessons and experience that I will carry with me back to Brisbane and for the rest of my life.

To keep updated on my regular happenings and excessive photo taking during my internship, check out my personal blog,

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