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Exploring different cultures is one of the most rewarding things anyone can do. Travelling to another country, though, can throw any number of cultural tripwires at you. We've put together a shortlist of the more curious contrasts between Eastern and Western work environments. We hope that it will help you navigate some corporate cultural differences you're likely to experience during your internship abroad.

A new year is a fresh start, and what better way to get off on the right foot than by taking the first steps along your career path? Securing a summer internship abroad is Step 1, but from the day you set foot in the office it will be up to you to make the most of your experience by being the best intern possible. Here are 10 New Year's Resolutions for an Absolutely Amazing Internship!

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Planning events sounds like a dream job to most well-organized creatives. But did you know “event coordinator” was named the 5th most stressful job in 2017? Negotiating with multiple vendors, meeting aggressive deadlines and achieving client goals is no easy feat. The right education and hands-on experience can help you build the skill set (and tough skin) it takes to become an event planner. This career road map and article outline the steps to becoming successful on this career path.

Jennie Wang from Bryant University shares her experience as a Hong Kong Fashion intern as one of Absolute's Intern Heroes

One thing I had in mind before coming to Hong Kong was that I wanted to study fashion. Fashion is what I dreamed of doing but I wanted to make sure it was the thing for me. I was having trouble finding an internship in that particular field but when I stumbled across Absolute, I knew this was my next stop. Coming to an unfamiliar land, I was excited but also nervous because I had not spoken to anyone who would be joining me on the same journey for the next month. But when I finally met the other interns, I slowly found my group of friends and now know I could not ask for a better summer. We've already created many memories together from having simple lunch breaks to meeting up after work. Due to the time difference I could not tell my friends and family back home about my adventure and my passion, so I decided to make another Instagram blog of my travels, love for fashion, and photography. Already a week into my internship and the biggest challenge I have already faced is getting used to asking for work instead of waiting for my supervisor to tell me. But my relationship with my coworkers and boss is gradually getting better and I plan to ask my company how I can assist with anything they need help with.

Vimbai Mufunde from the University of Essex shares her first of impressions of her Madrid summer internship as one of Absolute's Intern Heroes

I have never experienced love at first sight before but with Madrid, it was different. As a South London girl, I'm no stranger to a big city but the spirit of the Madrileños is unique to Madrid alone. Although I approached Madrid with some skepticism due to the ongoing competition of beauty with Barcelona, Madrid is indeed in a league of its own.

Jami Steen from the University of Southern Mississippi tells us about her Madrid summer internship in the Marketing industry as one of Absolute's Summer 2017 Intern Heroes. 

In the United States, I was told that Spain moves at a different pace. Yeah, no kidding. The nights are endless and slide into morning effortlessly. In the early morning metros, I play a game where I guess if people are going home for the night, going to work for the day, or maybe leaving the club to go to work. Either way, in the morning we all stumble sleepy-eyed onto the metro together. Work is relaxed; the heat takes it out of everyone. My friends and fellow interns—Meggie, Pauline, and Willem— and I all take turns brewing espresso. We stay pleasantly motivated by caffeine and hip-hop in different languages. Willem is building a website, Pauline is writing a marketing report, Meggie is curating content for online marketing, and I’m into marketing research. We sit together, and at lunch we push our laptops back, make sandwiches, and talk about everything. Relaxed right? But then there’s the language…most definitely the quickest part of the culture.  

Shyam Thakker from the University of Michigan shares his current experience on his Singapore Engineering Internship as one of Absolute's Summer 2017 Intern Heroes

I’ve been in Singapore for about 4 weeks now, and I truly understand why my friends here have said that people who visit tend to fall in love with this city. What am I going to take away from this experience? Definitely a sense of adventure. Every section of this city is incredibly unique; you could spend an entire day just exploring Little India and Arab Street or hiking through MacRitchie or viewing the Gardens by the Bay.

Shyam Thakker from the University of Michigan shares his experience as an Engineering Intern in Singapore this summer as one of Absolute’s Summer 2017 Intern Heroes

In university, your responsibilities are simple: get good grades and come to class. Sure, there is always that personal drive to understand and engage in what you are learning, but that is not a responsibility that has been placed on you. In the professional world, your responsibilities start to affect everyone else around you. The focus is no longer just about you; it’s kind of like being in a group project everyday. Your tasks and deadlines, if not met, will negatively affect everyone else’s work as well. That is a big change in pressure.

Sam Varie from Butler University shares his current experience working for a Non-profit organization in Singapore as one of Absolute’s Summer 2017 Intern Heroes. 


lunch break with coworkers in Singapore Lunch break with the co-workers!

Jami Steen from the University of Southern Mississippi tells us about her experience as a Marketing intern in Madrid, Spain as one of Absolute's Summer 2017 Intern Heroes. 

My day of travel was nothing less than horrendous—delays, rebooks, lost luggage, the works.  I was so tired when I got to Madrid I didn’t even try to be social and watch the soccer game with everyone downstairs. Honestly I felt defeated. I was in a strange environment, knew no one, knew no Spanish, and didn’t even know what country my luggage was in. I sat in my all-white room and cried—because of the time difference my mom didn’t even answer the phone. The moment I decided to feel better was the moment it happened. I opened the window for some fresh air, and sound filled my room. The city was electric. Real Madrid was winning the Champion's League final, and the streets were flooded with screams and chants.  The other Absolute girls must have noticed at the exact same time because about twenty minutes from the moment I decided to open my window, we were on the streets chanting and singing too. I was surrounded by so much happiness that night—little boys cried tears of joy and ran wild singing in the streets. Wild-eyed strangers hugged and laughed and congratulated each other. On this night, locals, refugees, tourists—the entire city, and the four new American girls, were united by victory and laughter. We chanted, sang  and danced in the Plaza Cibeles under a banner that read REFUGEES WELCOME—and I haven’t felt alone since.  

Sam Varie from Butler University shares his current experience working for a Non-profit organization in Singapore as one of Absolute's Summer 2017 Intern Heroes

Prior to arrival in Singapore, I expected wealth, cleanliness and most of all, humidity. I figured the wealth to be similar to what I see in the wealthy areas of my city, the humidity to be no worse than Indiana summers and, well, a clean city was definitely a new concept to me.  The reality of these three  pre-conceived notions was totally different to what I experienced.

I live in a tropical area with an excessive amount of palm trees. As my plane departed, that was the last thing I saw; The palm trees swooshing by. I knew 'that was it' and there was no going back. Despite the endless research I did on Shanghai, I couldn’t help feeling clueless about the upcoming 6 weeks. I convinced myself that the feeling was just part of the adventure and experience.

I dream of becoming a foreign affairs reporter. I came to China to get my first glimpse at what it is like to report in a country with a different language and different press regulations. My journalism internship at an online media publication, has given me the opportunity to do so.

Explore UK
When I imagined my summers of college I envisioned myself with a backpack that weighed roughly the same as a small child wandering around Europe. I’m very happy to say I’ve had my share of wandering, but with help from Absolute I was able to swap the backpack for a suitcase and wandering for exploring with a map.

Arriving in a new city, especially one as big and busy as London, can be overwhelming. I come from a moderate sized suburb, where the greatest decision one has to make for weekend activities is whether or not to go to the mall or the movies. So coming to London with its plethora of daytime and night activities was both an exciting and scary prospect.

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