Is This My Cup of Tea?

Is This My Cup of Tea?

Jennie Wang from Bryant University shares her experience as a Hong Kong Fashion intern as one of Absolute’s Intern Heroes

One thing I had in mind before coming to Hong Kong was that I wanted to study fashion. Fashion is what I dreamed of doing but I wanted to make sure it was the thing for me. I was having trouble finding an internship in that particular field but when I stumbled across Absolute, I knew this was my next stop. Coming to an unfamiliar land, I was excited but also nervous because I had not spoken to anyone who would be joining me on the same journey for the next month. But when I finally met the other interns, I slowly found my group of friends and now know I could not ask for a better summer. We’ve already created many memories together from having simple lunch breaks to meeting up after work. Due to the time difference I could not tell my friends and family back home about my adventure and my passion, so I decided to make another Instagram blog of my travels, love for fashion, and photography. Already a week into my internship and the biggest challenge I have already faced is getting used to asking for work instead of waiting for my supervisor to tell me. But my relationship with my coworkers and boss is gradually getting better and I plan to ask my company how I can assist with anything they need help with.

Hong Kong Fashion intern



What is most shocking to me while living in Hong Kong is the constant and sudden weather change from drizzles to pouring showers. Never have I experienced such a drastic change. Now, I have to carry around an umbrella no matter what the weather says on my phone. Food in Hong Kong is breathtakingly delicious! I went to Hysan Place and found that there was a food court filled with different types of cuisines. Never have there been two consecutive nights where I ate the same cuisine. Overall, I absolutely love being here in Hong Kong. Because I was placed in a field that I love and hope to do fashion in the future, it’s an experience I’m glad I participated in.


Hong Kong fashion intern Unwinding after a long day of work
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