5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

Thinking about combining a summer internship with international experience and travel? Here are 5 reasons to intern abroad next summer. 

1. Take the first step along your potential career path.

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

An internship in your industry of choice is the best preparation for your first job, as well as a great way to explore if this is the career you want. You’ll get to experience firsthand the professional world and how it differs from university. This will help you make decisions about your future working life.


2. Gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

The number of students who intern abroad is much less than the number of those who study abroad, making you unique candidate in the job market. It’s one thing to be a student in a foreign country, but being an intern abroad will show to employers that you are flexible and adaptable, both desirable skills for any workforce.


3. Employers value intercultural skills.

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

Working abroad and meeting people from all over the world will help you develop these strengths, as you will be in a new environment with individuals from different backgrounds and varying ways of working. This exposure will improve how you work with a team to complete a project and contribute to the cultivation of your own individual work ethic.


4. Explore a new culture.

5 Reasons to Intern Abroad

For a few weeks, you’ll be calling a world-class city home. By the end of the experience, who knows? You might even consider it as somewhere you could settle in the future. We’ve had past program participants get bitten by the travel bug while on their Absolute journey, which turned out to be just the first step on many international adventures.


5. Get out of your comfort zone.

5 Reasons to intern abroad

The Absolute Internship Program is designed to help you grow, both professionally and personally. Your summer will be spent going on adventures, overcoming challenges and making amazing friends.


Want to intern abroad next summer? Apply here! 

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