My Business Internship in a Nutshell – Absolute Alumni

My Business Internship in a Nutshell – Absolute Alumni

Hey there! My name is Alejandro and I come from Colombia. I’m currently on my exchange program in the Netherlands and last summer I interned in Spain!

Being part of the Absolute Internship tribe in 2019 has been the most wonderful experience I’ve ever lived. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in which I had the chance to meet new people, get to know new cultures, travel to an amazing city and work as an intern within a company abroad!


A Business Internship in Barcelona

Everything went as planned with my internship placement. The startup I worked for was awesome. Since day one of the Barcelona Internship Program, my boss was already giving me tasks. I truly felt part of the company.

I think the key of a first internship experience is to take all in and to learn as much as possible out of every single task you are being asked to work on. As I went as an undergraduate student, I wanted to start learning what I like to do, what I’m actually good at and what I wouldn’t like to do for the rest of my life, so that I have a reference when searching for future jobs.

“This experience has taught me the essence of teamwork, hard work, networking and globalization, four aspects that I believe have a tremendous repercussion in the success of a professional.”

Day trip to Montserrat, Barcelona


Interning in Barcelona, Spain

On the other hand, I loved the place I lived in. Barcelona is a city full of magic. You can find music, party, food… Everything you need to have a great time at one of the most liveable and vibrant cities of the world. All this magic I experienced through the weekend activities Absolute Internship planned for the interns. From hiking up to the mountain of Montserrat to attending an outstanding flamenco performance. Every single activity was different and made the program so diverse.

The housing was awesome as well. It had all the facilities I was expecting it to have. Beautiful bedrooms, great food and great facilities such as an outdoor pool. I really had a great time with my new friends living there. We were lucky to be close by the beach and we would organize fun afternoon gathering with my group! Everything you need to have a comfortable time in Barcelona, such as the month-metro card and SIM card, are given to you on the first day. Everything is taken into consideration as if you were at home!

Career Development through Absolute Internship

The career development activities included in the Barcelona Internship Program were a success! The Career Speaker Series held by Absolute gave us the chance to hear and learn from different kind of professionals in multiple sectors, such as business or law. It’s an opportunity to get inspired by industry gurus that kick-started their careers just like us, with an internship. It is also a great moment to start thinking about what are your career goals in the years to come.

“This is the place where you’re going to start putting your networking abilities into test.”

Alejandro and the absolute tribe on a weekend trip in Spain


The Program Onsite

Finally, the 24/7 on-site assistance by Program Coordinators is extremely helpful. They are beyond kind. They are always looking after you. Not as a parent, but as a close person that can relate to you and you can definitely rely on. This is the person that is going to be there always when you need them for emergencies, as well as if you want to have a cup of coffee with someone and have a chat. Don’t be afraid of making new friends… including your coordinators. Up to this day, I have a good friendship with mine! You never know whether you may encounter them in the professional life again!



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