Shanghai Internships

One of the best ways to gain real exposure to the business world is to be an intern. Work long hours and do the stuff no one has time for. Another way to put being an intern would be “busy work”. While that might not sound too appealing to young aspiring business majors, being an intern has changed my life.
Amazing Intern Experience
An internship is an opportunity; an intern is going to get out of it what he/she puts into it. So, keep an open mind and look forward to work each day, even if there is not much to do. GO to work with a smile, “yes sir, no sir” have a positive attitude and your employer will love you.

Seeing the country side of China has made my internship experience one that I will never forget. At first, I did not really want to go to all these other cities on my weekends. However, after our first trip to Wuzhen I could not wait for the next trips. I saw some very strange behaviors, was treated like a celebrity and ate some of the most interesting smelling food on the planet. Intern Great Wall

My normal day usually starts at 9:30 am and goes till about 6:00 pm in the evening. I usually have a continuous project to work on for the pre IPO process. My company specializes in maximizing client experience by supplying the most exclusive, high-end, branded products and services of superior quality. In a nutshell, we are a client service company and we have to give our clients what they want and when they want it.

If you’re walking around Shanghai and you hear music, follow it. Yes, keep walking. You’ll come across a small crowd eventually. They’re watching transfixed as a small group of elderly ladies slow dance to a resonant lament. A female Chinese voice swoons from a large speaker mounted from a moped. A few onlookers see how fun it is. They join in. Their friends come too. Everyone’s smiling or hiding a smile.

In the investment banking industry, there is no normal day at work. There cannot be any expectations going to the office everyday because every day presents new challenges and new projects to tackle and solve. The part of the day that is the most routine is the commute too and from work. One of my co-workers and I leave our hotel at around 8:15am each morning and walk to the nearest metro station. After riding the metro 4 stops we get off and walk to our tower in downtown Pudong. The scenery and cityscape is absolutely amazing. Its still seems unreal working across the street from some of the tallest buildings in the world.

shanghaiBefore my departure, everyone who had been to China explained to me that the difference was compared to “night and day.” That there would be people everywhere all the time and that most people knew English so not knowing mandarin would be alright. After a week I was able to quickly realize that Shanghai is a western city, far more than any other city or town in China. For that reason, I’ve eaten at a multitude of different places. These restaurants are run by people all over the world. Even though Shanghai is a western city, not many people speak English. It makes it rather difficult to complete simple tasks, but it enhances the authentic experience. Whether it is ordering food or interacting with locals in a social manner, it is always an interesting time. It has caused me to enhance my interpersonal and communication skills.

shanghaiWalking into Standard Chartered Tower, I did not know what to expect. This was my first internship working for an investment bank. Before my departure, my professors described the lifestyle as rigorous and high paced. Walking in with that mentality had me eager to begin this new experience. My supervisor, is as intense as I imagined. The work done on a daily basis is often time pressured, but engaging. I have learned more about finance working for my supervisor in three weeks than my previous three years at Butler University.

china transportWorking at my company in China has been an eye opening experience to say the least. Working in the luxury goods industry is a unique field in which I never would have thought I would experience. Dealing with exclusive products and high net worth individuals is an invaluable learning experience, which I will take with me to my next chapter in life. The individuals in which I work with are very intelligent and successful people. They provide unique insights and alternatives to difficult situations. Although the workplace is an serious environment, my colleagues also like to have a good time. We frequent dinner specials and happy hours as a group, getting a better understanding of each other along the way.

housing in chinaBeing a confident individual, I was tremendously more excited than nervous for my adventure to Shanghai. After restlessly arriving to the Pudong International airport, our group and I were greeted by a member of the Absolute Internship team. From that moment, I knew that my experience would be extremely well accommodated. After arriving to the hotel, I was thoroughly impressed by the living conditions that we were afforded. I could not be happier to have my own bedroom, bathroom, and balcony, eighteen floors above a beautiful city setting. After a fabulous traditional style Chinese meal with our group, my roommate August and I were so eager to explore Shanghai, that we took a cab to a nearby bar. The taxi experience was as unique as the city. It was my first time interacting with a Chinese-speaking individual, so using hand gestures to describe where we wanted to go was crucial. The following morning at orientation, I got to know the rest of the Absolute Internship team, and gained some basic knowledge about Shanghai and the Chinese culture.

marketing internAs my first day of work was approaching, I really didn’t know what to expect. While I have Interned at other companies, I have never interned abroad. Yes, I have always dreamed of working in Shanghai, but this would really be the moment of truth. I never got to experience what Chinese Business Culture was really like. I had many questions running through my head on my commute to my first day of work. “Will I fit into the business culture here?” “Will I clash with my coworkers?” “Am I ready for what this internship has to offer me?” Thankfully, now I can say that I have overcome all of these insecurities. Starting my fourth week of working at my company, I can say that I’ve been able to grow as a professional.

An internship is an ideal way for a student or recent graduate to gain experience in their desired sector. Not only is it the opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally. However, the key to success in the workplace is maintaining strong workplace relationships and understanding your essential role in your team.

Shanghai Nightlife

First night in Shanghai to explore the Shanghai nightlife and you’re beyond psyched to hit the town. That’s great! While we all love to have a good time, dancing the night away, meeting new people and enjoying a few drinks, don’t forget your limits. You’re in a new place, surrounded by the unfamiliar, so be smart and keep your wits about you. Have a drink or two, but don’t overdo it, folks!

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