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Chinese Business Culture


Chinese Business Culture

marketing internAs my first day of work was approaching, I really didn’t know what to expect. While I have Interned at other companies, I have never interned abroad. Yes, I have always dreamed of working in Shanghai, but this would really be the moment of truth. I never got to experience what Chinese Business Culture was really like. I had many questions running through my head on my commute to my first day of work. “Will I fit into the business culture here?” “Will I clash with my coworkers?” “Am I ready for what this internship has to offer me?” Thankfully, now I can say that I have overcome all of these insecurities. Starting my fourth week of working at my company, I can say that I’ve been able to grow as a professional.

Reflecting back on my first day, all of the negative thoughts that popped into my head proved to be ridiculous. Upon arriving at my job, I was greeted by one of my supervisors, who welcomed me with open arms. Also upon arriving at work the first day, I found out that three other students from my school will also be working at my company. This as well as a friendly work staff really helped with my transition into the my position here.

intern in marketingAt Butler I study International Business and Chinese, but I haven’t really gotten into a lot of the classes for my Major. At my company I work as a Marketing Intern, and part of my job is to work with the company’s Managerial Information Systems. While here I have been working mostly on collecting data for our company’s product database. Most of this data would be for the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), which would serve as a great asset to the company’s growth. While updating databases is not the most exciting thing in the world, it gives me great experience and I’m really grateful for that.

My time here in China has been great! I’m really happy to be such a big part of a company’s growth. The welcoming environment really makes it so I’m happy to wake up everyday and take that hour commute to work. I’m really excited for the future projects that I’ll have the privilege to work on.

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