Do This to Make the Most of Your Paris Internship

Do This to Make the Most of Your Paris Internship

Thinking about a Paris internship?

If you weren’t before, then you certainly are now! Paris has always been known to be one of the world’s top destinations. In the past and up to present day, people from all over the world flock to the city to enjoy its culture, history, and lively crowd – which only seems to get more interesting through the years 👀

Why pursue a Paris internship

A Paris internship is a great idea, not just because of the amazing things you can experience in the city, but also because of the work opportunities you can find. Paris is actually one of the continent’s major business hubs! Many major companies and startups call this city their home, making Paris one of the most economically active cities in France, and across Europe. That means that it’s a hotbed for career growth, too.

Some of the best industries to pursue in Paris are fashion, communications, and marketing. If you’re interested in these fields, that’s a HUGE plus as to why you should consider a Paris internship! Not to mention all of the inspiration that you’re bound to get from the people that filter in and out of the city. You’re always bound to be surrounded by people with a ton of experience and a lot of great ideas.

A Paris internship is also a good choice because of the rich, long-winding history that simply makes up the city of Paris. Yep, you’ll be able to learn work skills that will help you take your career to the next level – but you’ll also be able to experience one of the oldest cities in the world.

Why Paris is full of culture

Wondering why Paris is as full of life as it is?

The answer is unbelievably simple. Paris has been lived in as early as 259 BC. Celtic tribes settled in the area long ago and made the town a fishing village, and later, it was made the capital of the area in 508 BC. The silver trade also flourished here in the 11th century, marking Paris’ start as a hub for trade and business. Ancient peoples have played major parts in shaping Paris to become what it is, meaning that there’s a lot of history in the area.

Having all of those people live in the area for a long time, Paris has seen so much life and has been the setting for many stories. This became especially true when artists, designers, and other art connoisseurs began to call Paris home! From great scholars and painters, to renowned sculptors and musicians, Paris has housed many creators and inventors throughout the centuries. This has made Paris the birthplace of many art styles, famous pieces, and talented people.

So what better way to maximize the city life than by enjoying all of the things that it has to offer? Get to know more about the country, the continent, and the world’s history by visiting museums!

The art of Paris

If you were to visit all of the museums in Paris, you would find yourself with a problem… there are 130 of them! Understandably, you might not have the time to visit a quarter of those, so it’s good to whittle down your choices to a handful. No worries, though, as we’ve whittled the list down for you:

Musée des Arts et Métiers

Musée des Arts et Métiers. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Good for: those who are curious about inventions and creations

One of the things that has given Paris its reputation is the amount of innovation that’s happened within city limits. The Musée des Arts et Métiers is an industrial design museum that pays homage to the hundreds of inventions and scientific instruments that were made and used in and out of Paris. The museum was founded in 1794 and its collection holds a reported 80,000 objects and over 15,000 drawings for people to browse.

The Louvre

The Louvre. Photo courtesy of Canva.

Good for: those who are interested in getting to know world-famous pieces

It is without a doubt that The Louvre is one of the most famous museums on the planet. Home to over 615,000 pieces of art (with only about 32,000 on display at a time), this palace-turned-museum attracts millions of visitors each year. The Louvre was founded in 1793 and is home to paintings like The Mona Lisa and the Wedding at Cana, as well as sculptures like the Venus de Milo. You can even visit the Louvre on multiple days to check out all of the different wings, art styles, and mediums of art.

Musée d’Orsay

Musée d’Orsay. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Good for: those who want to get to see more French art

The Musée d’Orsay is a museum that was originally a railroad station. Overlooking the Seine river, the museum houses mostly French art. There are a number of Impressionist paintings in the collection, as well as sculptures, furnitures, and many more paintings! While relatively younger than its museum counterparts in the city, it still attracts millions of visitors each year. It’s the second-most visited museum in the city and is known around the world for housing Van Gogh’s work!

Musée Marmottan-Monet

Musée Marmottan-Monet. Photo courtesy of

Good for: those who are fans of Monet’s work or want to see his famous paintings

Oscar-Claude Monet, a French native, is heavily considered as one of Impressionism’s pioneers. Some even consider him to be the founder! Monet is also known to have influenced modernism, too. His works are known around the world for their calming depictions of nature – like lilypads, river scenes, and other landscapes, too. This museum was founded in 1872 and hosts the largest collection of Monet paintings in the world, so visit this if you have the chance to.

Musée Picasso

Hotel Salé, which houses Musée Picasso. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Good for: those who want to learn more about Van Gogh and his work

The Musée Picasso is a gallery dedicated to the life and work of Pablo Picasso, much like the Musée Marmottan-Monet. Picasso painted the Starry Night, which is known by those who aren’t too familiar with art! His life is also showcased here. Despite Picasso being Spanish rather than French, his influential art has merited the opening of this gallery. The gallery is located in the Hotel Salé and has over 5,000 Picasso works in this gallery.

Musée Carnavalet

Musée Carnavalet. Photo courtesy of

Good for: those who want to dive deeper into the history of Paris

The Musée Carnavalet is home to artwork, artifacts, and other memorabilia that relates to the history of Paris. Founded in 1880, the museum is actually the brainchild of one of Napoleon’s officers. He suggested that the history of the city should be exhibited. Not only are there paintings and other forms of visual art, but there are also historic items from prehistoric times.

Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo. Photo courtesy of

Good for: those who want to see unique art pieces

Yep, you read that right – a Palais de Tokyo in Paris! This contemporary art museum was named after the old name of the street that it’s on. This unique museum houses equally unique paintings, and is also known to be the largest contemporary art museum in Europe. If you want to add something unique to your Paris experience, don’t miss this museum.

Enjoying your Paris internship

When you’re taking a Paris internship, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the city while you’re there! Learning more about the culture and history that surrounds you is, without a doubt, definitely a valuable experience. After you stroll around the beautiful parks and enjoy some museums, don’t forget to fill up on the amazing Paris food, too. Make sure to get the full experience.

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