6 Must-Know Restaurants for Your Paris Internship

6 Must-Know Restaurants for Your Paris Internship

Let’s be real: when you hear the words “Paris internship,” there’s MUCH to be excited about!

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most loved cities in the world. For decades (or centuries, even), Paris has been a dream destination for those both young and old. It ranks second of the world’s top tourist destinations with over 19 million visitors each year – and of course, has tons of sights and sounds for those who wish to experience them.

Not only is France a tourist destination, but it’s also the European Union’s third-largest economy. This means that there are a ton of great opportunities for students who are looking to get some work experience!

Why choose a Paris internship

There’s a reason why the French economy is doing so well: tourists flock in frequently, and businesses are doing great, even post-pandemic. Industries like fashion and PR are especially booming – and thus, rife with opportunities, even for interns.

While cost of living is relatively high, it’s still lower than some cities in the US. To make up for this, the quality of life in Paris is something that locals boast about! There’s a lot to be enjoyed in this beautiful city.

One more important reason why you should take a Paris internship? The city’s reputation for culture and all things fine, of course!

Paris as a center for culture

As early as the 1700s, people already knew Paris for its opulence and grandeur. It used to be the largest city in Europe and the religious center of France, as well as an important area for trade. Royals once lived here, too. Earlier than that, ancient people settled there, and Romans also once held the area as a military base! Paris is rich with history spanning all the way back to prehistoric peoples.

Additionally, Paris has always been home to different disciplines of art, and all sorts of artists to boot: painters, sculptors, musicians, actors, and more! Paris was the birthplace of many art movements and has also witnessed many changes over time, all of which are commemorated by the museums that house art all across the city.

However, one thing that Paris is especially known for? Its food! The high number of gastronomic experiences attract tourists from around the world into the city.

Enjoy the food on your Paris internship

The greatness of Paris’ food scene began in the 17th century, when royals would make waves with what they called “haute cuisine.” The kitchens of the Royal Court were often requested to experiment with the creation of new pastries and rich sauces. Thus, the royal family and the aristocrats would always experience unique and innovative flavors, some that we now consider staples in our diets!

Despite these beginnings, it wasn’t until the post-war 19th century that chefs in the city truly began to grow creative: with the lifting of rations and restrictions, people took advantage of their freedom to cook and taste without limits. Bistros and restaurants quickly began to pop up and showcase the city’s best flavors. Later, immigrants from different parts of the world also arrived in the country, adding their own unique flavors to the city’s mixing pot of restaurants.

These days, Paris only continues to get more and more unique. Tastes and trends continue to evolve, and the city is not afraid of keeping up the times! Don’t miss adding a food tour to your Paris internship itinerary, as it’s a HUGE part of experiencing city culture.

Here are a few good places to get started:


Comice, photo courtesy of www.comice.paris

Feeling fancy and experimental? Then head to Comice!

If you’re looking for modern French cuisine, then look no further than this restaurant that proudly bears one Michelin star. Opened by a Canadian chef-sommelier couple, Noam Gedalof and Etheliya Hananova, take inspiration from Gallic traditions. They highlight seasonal ingredients through their four-course servings, as well as give you excellent wine pairings.


Ferdi, photo courtesy of www.culturewhisper.com

If there’s one thing you need to know about Ferdi, it’s this: it’s Kim Kardashian’s favorite Parisian restaurant.

This fact alone is enough to attract many curious customers to the restaurant – and what might come as a surprise is that this restaurant is actually known for its well-made cheeseburgers! Many other Hollywood stars and fashion icons love this low-key Paris joint that serves comfort food and drinks, too. The owners, Alicia and Jacques Fontanier, named the restaurant after their son. They’ve also decorated the restaurant with personal effects from his childhood.

Pink Mamma

Pink Mamma Paris, photo courtesy of www.bigmammagroup.com

Oui, oui, this article is about Parisian restaurants – but honestly, you just can’t miss this Italian restaurant that’s been catching the attention of tourists and locals alike!

This four-floor restaurant is an open air trattoria that offers a beautiful view of the city. It has huge walled windows, a beautiful terrace, and plants that make you feel like you’re feasting in one of the most beautiful greenhouses to ever exist! People have grown to love this restaurant so much that it’s essentially taken over Instagram with its beautifully made interiors. The food reportedly tastes amazing, and you can even sit down for coffee and dessert after your meal, too.


Menkicchi, photo courtesy of www.timeout.fr

Again with the different cuisines in Paris, but again: Menkicchi is not to be forgotten.

Many claim that this restaurant is home to the best ramen in the city – which says a lot, as it’s quite far from its origin country of Japan! Menkicchi is also located very close to the Jardin du Palais Royal, so it’s convenient to stop by if you’re on a tour and want something filling. It’s also perfect for those chilly Paris winters!

La Felicità

La Felicita, photo courtesy of www.inplacescityguide.com

Did someone say brunch?

Live your Parisian dreams by heading over to La Felicità for a bite of mid-morning food! In comparison to other restaurants in the city, this one is priced relatively lower, but still offers a great selection of food. Whether you’re looking to spend a morning here, or are looking for good pizza, pasta, or a charcuterie board, you can enjoy yourself in this garden-style restaurant.

Le Wagon Bleu

Le Wagon Bleu, photo courtesy of www.wagonbleu.fr/en

Perhaps the most unique restaurant on our list, and one of the most unique in the city of Paris, is Le Wagon Bleu.

The name speaks for itself: the restaurant is housed in a restored Orient Express train! The restaurant serves Corsican food, which is rare to come across, despite France’s proximity to the island of Corsica. If you’re in for a unique dining experience, try to eat a new cuisine in a train wagon. How many people will be able to say they did that?

Dining on your Paris internship

Now that you know where to go, it’s important to be prepared, too! Going on a Paris internship means that you’re likely to interact with people frequently, which means that you have to be prepared to get to know the norms and customs of the city, too.

Don’t forget these dining tips when you’re out and about:

  • Say “bonjour” and “bonsoir” to the staff if they greet you upon entry, and to your server, as well!
  • Arrive on time for your reservation and make sure to call if you need to cancel.
  • Food allergies and sensitivities are a difficult thing to discuss – try to look for restaurants that fit your specific needs instead of trying to get people to adjust food to your allergies.
  • If you want to fit in like a local, order the 3-course prix fixe menu!
  • Don’t be afraid of discovering new food – Paris has a lot of unique and new tastes!
  • Don’t rush while eating – French people like to take their time.
  • And when you’re done eating, cross your knife and fork on your plate to let your server know you’re done.
  • Lastly: tipping is NOT required in France, but if you feel like it, a 5-10% tip is normal.


If you haven’t full decided where to go yet, Europe has a lot of cool destinations where you can intern and learn about culture at the same time, so do your research.

But so far, one of the best things about taking a Paris internship is all of the new experiences you’re bound to have – especially when it comes to food and culture. Be sure to stay curious and be brave when it comes to experiencing these things so you can make the most of your stay!

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