Checking In? Why You Need to Consider Hospitality Summer Internships

Hospitality Internhips

Checking In? Why You Need to Consider Hospitality Summer Internships

Are you trying to find a way to spend your summer – while also gaining experience – that doesn’t involve folding bedsheets at your local Holiday Inn, or manning the hostess stand at the crab shack down the street?

The hospitality industry can be a tough one to break into, and while most people think the only way to get experience in this field is to take a low-level, low-paying job, the reality is that’s just not the case.

On the contrary, one of the very best ways to build your skills and gain experience is to pursue an internship in the hospitality industry.

Hospitality summer internships may have you doing some of the rote tasks mentioned above – that’s true. However, you’ll also be privy to some insider secrets of the hospitality world.

You’ll learn exactly what goes into crafting the most amazing experiences for your guests – and figure out how you can make those experiences even better.

What Do Hospitality Interns Do?

No two hospitality internships are the same, but here are some common tasks you might encounter.

Front Desk Operations

As a hospitality intern, one of the primary areas where you’ll gain hands-on experience is at the front desk. This is the epicenter of guest relations, where you’ll learn how to check guests in and out, manage reservations, and handle guest inquiries. 

Event Planning and Coordination

Another exciting area you might delve into as a hospitality intern is event planning and coordination. From weddings and corporate events to smaller gatherings and parties, you’ll assist in the planning, organizing, and execution of various events. 

You might be tasked with coordinating with vendors, arranging seating plans, helping with decorations, and even attending the events to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Food and Beverage Services

Hospitality Summer Internships

Interns often have the opportunity to rotate through different departments, including food and beverage services. 

You’ll learn the intricacies of managing a restaurant, bar, or café, including inventory management, menu planning, and customer service. You might also get involved in behind-the-scenes activities like food preparation and event catering. 

Housekeeping Management

While it may seem less glamorous, housekeeping is a critical component of the hospitality industry. As an intern, you’ll likely participate in housekeeping duties, but more importantly, you’ll gain insights into the management side of things. 

This includes a long list of tasks from scheduling staff to maintaining an inventory of supplies.

Marketing and Sales

Many hospitality internships also offer experience in the marketing and sales departments. You’ll learn how to promote a hotel or hospitality service, from creating compelling marketing campaigns to managing social media accounts and customer reviews. 

Sales experience can include everything from participating in sales meetings, developing packages or special promotions, and learning how to build relationships with clients and travel agencies. 

Human Resources

Understanding the human side of hospitality is essential, and that’s where experience in human resources comes into play. Interning in the HR department could involve recruiting and training staff, managing employee relations, and understanding labor laws and regulations. 

Benefits of a Hospitality Internship

An internship in the hospitality industry can be the catalyst to a successful career – here’s how.

Improves Your Job Marketability

If you’re planning to apply for a job after you graduate (well, really…who isn’t?) Then hospitality summer internships offer one of the best ways to improve the chances of a resume sliding to the top of a pile.

Believe it or not, a 2021 study revealed that people who have internships under their belts are more than 12% more likely to get invited to an interview. There’s no guarantee you’ll get the job – but you can significantly reduce yoru odds by getting some hands-on experience.

Professional Development

As you’ve likely already noticed, working your way up the “food chain,” so to speak, of the hospitality industry might require a lot of initial grunt work. If you want to skip the trajectory of bellhop, server, or front desk agent and move into a management position more quickly, then hospitality summer internships are the way to go. 

You may be able to enhance your professional development with additional certifications like those from the American Hotel and Lodging Association at the same time. Your internship site may be able to point you in the right direction of which certifications are best for your intended career path.

Skill Enhancement

Let’s face it – if you apply for a standard job at a hotel or restaurant in your town, you’re probably going to be stuck doing pretty standard tasks. You might get experience in one area (ie, cleaning hotel rooms) but you probably won’t be able to branch out and work in other areas of that business.

The beauty of a hospitality summer internship is that you’ll likely be able to try out multiple areas. If you have an internship at a hotel, for example, you may be able to rotate and try out different roles, like the bellhop, front desk, events coordinator, cleaner, etc. 

Mentorship and Networking

The hospitality industry is fast-paced, but not so fast paced that your internship will leave you in the dust. 

Instead, you’ll be able to connect with established professionals and tap into a network of industry experts during your experience. You’ll interact with professionals across the board, from peers to managers and top executives.

Which Country is the Best For Hospitality Internship?

There’s nothing wrong with doing a hospitality internship close to home – in fact, the United States is one of the world’s best places for hospitality and is home to some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality companies (think – Walt Disney). 

However, if you’d rather make your experience a little more exotic and benefit from working in a new culture, these are some of the top destinations:

A hospitality summer internship can be the catalyst to a successful career. From improving your job marketability to enhancing your skills and building a professional network, the benefits are endless. 

But finding the right opportunity, particularly if you decide to travel abroad for your internship, can be challenging. Absolute internship is here to help. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the experience of a lifetime – while also getting yourself noticed in the world of hospitality – contact Absolute Internship today. Your dream job might be just one summer away.

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