How it’s like intern in Singapore

How it’s like intern in Singapore

Finally arriving at the airport after a, well pretty short flight I am guessing compared to the other interns who flew in from out of Asia­ However the flight was delayed for an hour so I rushed out after all the immigration stuff and found an Absolute staff holding my name up on a sign. It was a warm welcoming as I knew I was at the right place and she brought me to meet the other interns from the programme! The new interns were all from different parts of the world ~ but surprisingly my roommate is from Hong Kong, just like me, so we get along just fine!


After getting checked into an AMAZING hotel with four other flatmates, we went out for a welcoming dinner where we were also joined by the program director, as well as a few other interns who already went through the program. It was good to share each other’s experiences as well as knowing that everyone is here for different reasons and to learn and gain more from one another. And just to mention, SG food is all AWESOME! Not only are there so much to choose from, all the different cuisines are just on point and even though it is quite similar to Hong Kong, I still feel like this is all new to me!

Here’s a photo of our amazing flat ! Excited to be spending a month here with a nice TV, sofa, lounge and open kitchen !

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.29.48 AM

The day after was a full day trip packed with city tour and the city Scavenger hunt. The hunt was actually a lot more fun than I have expected!! We got to travel throughout Singapore and completing the ‘Missions’ for the hunt, which was somewhat challenging at points. I was paired up with another girl who is from abroad, hence not knowing too much about the Asian culture. It was quite exciting as we tried to travel around all the tourist spots as well as doing our tasks­ Luckily enough I am from HK (a VERY fast pace and hectic city) so even though I might not be too tall, I can speed walk whilst my partner is about two heads taller than me so her taking one step to walk would be me walking twice the pace ! It was really great to see the culture throughout Singapore and even though it was a super sunny and long day, my partner and I tried our best and we were actually the winners for the hunt ! That definitely felt like a satisfying accomplishment !!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.41.26 AM

So far my impression of the city has exceeded my expectations­ The food is amazing, the travelling is easy and convenient and everyone seems to be getting along well ! Here in Singapore, working hours are shorter, people get off on time for work (mostly, though maybe not in the field of Architecture. Pulling all nighters are a legitimate thing for us and we can handle that ~) Unlike Hong Kong whereas people would stay in the office until 9­10 pm to finish off their work being going home. Hong Kong is a much more fast pace city­ People always have places to go, things to do, people to see. I’m totally looking forward to start my architecture internship on Monday, SG BOUND !!


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