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The vibrant and lively atmosphere of London

The vibrant and lively atmosphere of London

Each day of my internship so far has been pretty routine and easy going in terms of travel and the people I work with. I get up at 8am each day and catch the tube at around 9am to get to work at 9.30am. My first day was pretty good, my roommate and I, who are working in the same place, almost missed the place at first by walking too far. We found ourselves in a small office space with two rooms where our desks with computers were set up in the front room. Most days now I start off with making coffee in the office kitchen, and then get to work such as designing email newsletters, which was the first job I did that I was pretty happy about, where they let me play around more than I expected for an intern. I also do other tasks such as updating their website with new projects or designing their press releases for clients.

My colleagues and my boss have all been really nice and welcoming to me, even taking us out to drinks last week at a nice bar near where we work. We were celebrating a colleague’s birthday. The relaxed environment really helps when working as I never feel stressed or under pressure. My boss has been really helpful giving me constructive feedback and treating me the same as the other colleagues where I felt comfortable and at ease almost instantly as I arrived. Lunchtime is always good either going to the well known Camden Markets, that is situated less than 2 minutes away from where I work, or the local Sainsbury’s for cheap food! The food at Camden Markets is always cheap and really nice, with so many different cuisines, such as Italian, Jamaican, French, American, Indian and more, and with these stalls all next to each other its always hard to chose!

Even in the short time I have learnt a lot about the way I work, especially in terms of being more independent when I work. I have learnt to solve problems without asking more often than I usually do, and trusting my own judgment more. I have also learnt to work and design with and under different people’s tastes, understanding that everyone will have a different style and compromises need to be made. This is especially true with the three owners of the company I work at, when deciding on a final design need to work with all opinions.

I have also definitely have found London to be very different from Sydney, especially with the busy streets filled with people and the frequent rain. However, apart from those two aspects, London has been amazing with such a vibrant and lively atmosphere where there is always something to do whether it be the museums (such as the Natural History Museum, Design, Science, Victoria and Albert and plenty more), multiple tourist sites and historical sites, unique bars, clubs and restaurants or simply the beautiful architecture and grand parks as you wonder the streets, especially at night, it always feels somewhat surreal and magical.

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