How to Pack for a Paris Internship (What to Bring)

How to Pack for a Paris Internship (What to Bring)

If you think that a Paris internship sounds dreamy, then you’re absolutely right ✨

Many students fantasize about living in France, just strolling around the beautiful streets, and learning from a top-tier Paris internship. And this Paris dream isn’t exclusive to young people, either. Many adults have dreamed to visit or live in Paris, as its reputation is one that’s lasted through generations.

Did you know that France gets about 90 million visitors per year?

There’s a reason why Paris is known to be one of the world’s top destinations: aside from the rich history, amazing food, and many cultural experiences, it’s also one of the world’s top fashion capitals. The city’s name is practically synonymous with fashion and design. Taking up a Paris internship would mean being able to soak up all of the sights and sounds and take up inspiration from the city of love.

Paris: the home of art in all of its forms

The reason why Paris is so known for being the home of art is because of its long history of being the home of artists. As early as prehistoric times, people in the Pyrenees made skillful cave paintings, depicting scenes of people and life in ancient times. Further down the line, all kinds of artists considered the city to be their home – painters, sculptors, composers, musicians, actors, and more! The French Renaissance even took place here in the 15th through 17th centuries.

In more recent history, Paris has been home to Paris Fashion Week, and is the home of big fashion names like Chanel, Gucci, and Balmain. Many people around the world take fashion cues from the celebrities, influencers, and fashion houses that call Paris home. Taking a Paris internship would mean being exposed to these people, as well as millions of tourists around the world who come to visit.

Why take a Paris internship

Aside from being the setting of centuries of art and history, Paris is also one of Europe’s busiest economic centers.

As mentioned, hundreds of prominent fashion houses and designers reside in Paris, meaning that it’s likely to find good fashion-related opportunities here. Even for those who aren’t particularly interested in fashion, there are tons of startups, marketing opportunities, and other fields that you can work in. There are a over a million businesses in the area, many of which are seeking students for a Paris internship.

Not only would you be able to enjoy all of the culture and glamor that comes with living in Paris, but you’d be sure to find different kinds of people, as well. Since many people visit and move to the area, you’ll be able to find different groups of people upon getting there. You’d be able to get great working experience AND meet amazing new people.

Packing for Your Paris Internship

Packing for your trip

It can feel like a lot of pressure to be in the latest couture – but no worries, there’s no need to be high fashion every single day, or even at all.

Pursuing your Paris internship will mean that you’ll be there for a longer amount of time than just a regular visit, so it’s important to bring clothes that won’t immediately spotlight you as a tourist. After all, living like a local means getting the most out of your internship experience, so why not dress the part too?

If you’re wondering what you should pack for your Paris trip, take these into consideration:


Time of year

  • What time of year are you visiting? If you’re going in the spring or summer, bring light clothes and walking shoes, with a few options for layering. Even in the hotter months of the year, things can still get quite chilly, so it’s safer to bring options. In the fall and winter, you can expect colder weather, but don’t expect snow!


Office activities

  • What kind of office are you working in? Does your office have a dress code? How do people in your office typically dress? Since you’re going on a Paris internship, it’s important to know what proper decorum is at your job.


  • What activities will you do outside of your office? Are you planning a beach trip? Are you traveling to other areas of the country? Take into consideration what other things you’re planning on adding to your itinerary so that you’ve got everything that you need.


Events and comfort

  • Are you attending any events that require specific attire? Will your internship program have a culmination event? Are you attending something like an opera, ball, or masquerade? Will you be going on hiking trips? Again, double check with the company and with your hosts to make sure you’ve got everything packed.


  • What are you comfortable with? If you’re going to overpack but not even wear half of the things you’re packing, we’d suggest to just avoid adding those things to your suitcase. Have some home or sleeping clothes, because it’s unlikely that you’ll be going out every second of the day; and for when you do go out, skip the high heels! Opt for comfy clothes that still look good, like jeans and good tops, to ensure both style and comfort.


The most important rule

  • And lastly, skip the faux pas! French people have long moved on from the stereotype of striped shirts, neck scarves, and berets – wearing one, two, or all three of these will just scream “tourist” and have people side eye you. Or worse, some stores might even hike up prices for your purchases.

What to bring

Here are some things that will definitely come in handy during your trip. Take note of these so that you can make room or create your own list of items that are related to these!

  • Small backpack
  • Camera
  • Water bottle (water can get expensive if you always buy outside!)
  • Universal adaptor
  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • Sweater

Enjoy your Paris internship experience

Now that you know what to pack, it’s time to get started! A Paris internship is an experience of a lifetime, and you’ll want to make every second of it, so you have to prepare as best as you can.

If you’re ready to venture out of the capital city for maximum adventure, don’t miss these amazing French destinations that will give you a peek into France outside of Paris 💘

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