13 hour plane ride to Shanghai

13 hour plane ride to Shanghai

shanghaiBeing an Undergraduate College student double majoring in International Business and Chinese Language and Culture, It had always been my goal to one day work in China. What I didn’t anticipate was how soon I would be fulfilling this goal. Last Summer, I had studied abroad in Guangzhou China, to fulfill some language credits. However, I have never had to function in a Chinese work environment before. So when I was accepted to the Absolute Internship Program, I was ecstatic, but also very nervous. You see, I have never been to Shanghai before. New City, New Experiences, All of which was waiting for me across the world.

Many things were going through my mind while on the long 13 hour plane ride to Shanghai. “How will my co-workers be?” “How Hard will the Work be?” “What if my Chinese isn’t good enough?” I felt all of the nervousness that I did the first time that I went to China, except now things seemed real. This wasn’t school, and I wasn’t taking classes. This was the real world, where I would be doing real work. I also had been away for a year, and I was anxious to see if I would have the same level of culture shock that I did the first time.

shanghaiMuch to my relief, when I arrived in the City, I found a strange sense of belonging. Not only did everything look familiar, but I also felt very welcomed. This welcoming feeling grew when I met up with the absolute team. Their energy helped balance out the sluggishness of the long journey. The many activities that we did helped us navigate the city, as well as get assimilated to the culture.

Spending some more time in the City I grew to love it more and more. The City provided many cool new things to experience. Over the course of the year I found that my listening comprehension had gotten better and I was able to navigate with much more efficiency. My speaking had improved and since being here, and I have held several conversations with different people on the street and in the community. Being in China a second time really solidified my dreams of one day working here. I can’t wait to see what new doors that this trip will open for me.

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