Hong Kong Visa

When joining the Hong Kong program, if you do not own a Hong Kong ID Card with the right of abode in Hong Kong, you must obtain a Hong Kong Training Visa allowing you to undertake an internship in Hong Kong for a limited period of time. This visa will allow you to exit and re enter Hong Kong as often as you want during the determined period of time matching the visa length.

Doing an internship in Hong Kong without a Hong Kong ID Card or a Hong Kong Training Visa is illegal and is punished with a high fine and / or potential imprisonment.

Upon enrollment into the program you will receive a list of documents needed for us to process your visa. As the visa process may take up to 7 weeks we will ask you to be very cooperative with us and provide us with the documents needed on time.

Absolute Internship will process your visa and the visa fee. Upon receipt of your visa we will mail it to you with clear instructions on how to use it.

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