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Alumni Testimonials

What Do Alumni Think of Their Internship Experiences Abroad?


An internship abroad can jump-start your career and help your resume stand out, giving you the opportunity to broaden your horizons with a once-in-a-lifetime experience living and working overseas. Absolute Internship Alumni achieved their career goals and ultimately enhanced their employment opportunities after interning abroad.

Ready to discover their stories? Pay attention to powerful tips from them if you’re considering an internship experience!

“The experience of going abroad, having internship experience and have a better understanding of my industry in a foreign country is just great. I learned so much about the workplace itself too. This has also made me grow personally and I was able to make good friends through the Absolute Internship program. I learned so much in a six-week internship!”

- Yeung San Sin, Lisbon 2019

Powerful Advice from 5 Alumni to Future International Students


Our summer 2019 internship alumni tell us about their life-changing international experiences through the Absolute Internship programs in world-class cities around the world, interning in multiple industries. Learn about their biggest takeaway abroad, tips and the reasons why they chose this program.

My Fashion Internship in Barcelona, Spain – Gaia Capelli


This is the testimonial of Gaia Capelli, an Absolute Alumnus interning in Barcelona in summer 2019 for a fashion company. We asked her several questions about her experience abroad, her take-away, and advice for students considering an internship abroad.

“This program has been very helpful and my internship placement has helped me learn so much more about my career path.”

- Crystal Cendejas, Hong Kong 2019

TEFL Internship in Spain – Megan Yake


This is the testimonial of Megan -an Absolute Alumnus interning in a Spanish high school in Barcelona- and the teacher who hosted Megan. We asked them several questions about the teaching program and Megan’s first experience abroad. Learn what are her take-aways and her advice for students considering a TEFL internship abroad.

How an Internship in Hong Kong Changed my Life – Peter Lincoln


This is the testimonial of Peter Lincoln, an Absolute Alumnus interning in Hong Kong in summer 2018 for a finance company. We asked him several questions about his experience abroad, his biggest take-away, and advice for students considering an internship abroad.

“The Absolute Internship Program has been very helpful in giving me a great summer and internship experience. I have enjoyed the people that I’ve met and the opportunities I have accomplished. Thanks for the placement and our stellar coordinator.”

- Tomas Lara, Shanghai 2019

How an Internship Experience Kick-started Our Professional Career


We asked different program alumni around the world about both their experiences abroad and their internships in multiple industries. This is what they said!

The Absolute Internship 2019 Official Aftermovie


We’re excited to introduce you to the Absolute Internship 2019 Official Aftermovie of our summer internship programs around the globe!

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