Working In The Luxury Goods Industry

Working In The Luxury Goods Industry

china transportWorking at my company in China has been an eye opening experience to say the least. Working in the luxury goods industry is a unique field in which I never would have thought I would experience. Dealing with exclusive products and high net worth individuals is an invaluable learning experience, which I will take with me to my next chapter in life. The individuals in which I work with are very intelligent and successful people. They provide unique insights and alternatives to difficult situations. Although the workplace is an serious environment, my colleagues also like to have a good time. We frequent dinner specials and happy hours as a group, getting a better understanding of each other along the way.

china foodA normal day in the office begins at 9:30am with the interns and I arriving to work just before the rest of the office. We set up our laptops in a small conference room and begin working on whatever task we were provided with the day prior. Once the other employees begin to show up, we consult with them about what new work can be done during the day. I have learned about the acquisitions of businesses and goods themselves, relationship management, and vendor partnerships. The things I have learned while in the office have been incredibly valuable and unlike anything I have experienced in school thus far. They are more associated with people skills, relationship building and relationship management. I have been able to reiterate to myself how much I love personal interaction in the workplace. The work environment is diverse and dynamic, and I have had the chance to network with some very successful people who work inside and outside of our office.

hard work in shanghaiThis experience will help me in the future in many ways. Coming to Shanghai is an experience all its own. Overcoming the language barrier, culture shock, and unique business environment will give me a leg up on my competition regarding adaptability, problem solving skills, and communication abilities. I will be proud to talk about my time spent in China with my family, friends, and future employers.

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