Working Hard

Working Hard

hard work in shanghaiWorking for a cigar and whisky company is a blast! My company specializes in providing luxury products and services to high net worth individuals. As a marketing intern, my current responsibilities are product development and re-branding in preparation for a new Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP), as well as utilizing market research with the hope of acquiring new vendors and partners.

Already in the first three weeks, I have learned so much. To be completely honest, I had no idea what an ERP was before working here. Now, if presented with a product line from any company, I can consolidate, reorganize, re-brand, and input the product data into an ERP system. I have also developed a firm understanding for how the process of an order works both on the consumer side and most importantly on the business side. In retrospect, before working here, I did not know much about business besides from my academic classes. Experience trumps academics immensely. I, along with many millennial students, make the mistake of taking a class to get a good grade. This strategy often results in information going in one ear and out the other. When at work, if I cannot understand a concept or am not attentive, the business suffers. Working has made me want to succeed not just because it helps me personally, but because I do not want to let my supervisor down, nor the business itself.
work hard shanghaiThe most significant concept that I have learned about myself throughout this incredible work experience, is that I can surprise myself. Coming into my first internship, I didn’t have a lot of confidence due to a lack of experience. In the beginning, I doubted myself and the strength of my work. After the first week, my supervisor was surprised with how effective and efficient I, as well as the other interns, was working. After that moment, I stopped doubting myself and realized how important confidence is, especially in the workplace. In just under a month, I have grown in unmeasurable intervals; from a small town boy to a city man, a student to a worker. I am excited to see how I will grow next.

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