Weekend Activities

Weekend Activities

Hong Kong Finance InternshipAs promised, now to discuss the best part of the trip! Sharing happy memories with an awesome bunch of people… the weekend activities!

The first (of many) that springs to mind is the ‘Amazing Race’. This involved us having to partner up to compete against the other interns in completing a whole host of hilarious challenges that would take us all over the more central region of Hong Kong. My roommate and I were keen to win, and particularly beat a certain pairing, naming no names (George & Kelvin…). We set off running, literally, on what I have to say was the best way to discover your way around the island. Unfortunately, we didn’t win, not even close, but the less said about that the better.

The next weekend was the anticipated overnight stay in Macau! Hands down, this and the trip to Ocean Park are tied as my favourites. We started off the trip by sampling the local Oriental-Portuguese fusion that is the Macanese cuisine. The pork buns and custard tarts are not to be missed! We continued the day with a stroll about town, where some of us got lost (of course I did) and subsequently discovered the renowned Senado Square by following blaring Salsa music. An unexpected but welcomed find! So after a dance or two, we returned to the hotel to get our glad rags on for the one and only House of Dancing Water Show at the City of Dreams. Words cannot do it justice! Think Cirque du Soleil on water, with an intermission of flying motorbikes… The storyline throughout managed to put a tear in my eye it was that good! To complete our first day in Macau, we celebrated a fellow intern’s 22nd birthday which turned out to be one of my most cherished memories in Hong Kong. The following day we squeezed in as many sights as possible before the ferry back; touching base at St. Paul’s ruins, the fortress and temples.

Victoria Peak Hong KongDuring my final weekend, we visited (as mentioned in my previous post) Ocean Park! We spent the entire day there, yet we really only scratched the surface as there’s just so much to do and see. Even before arriving at the main grounds, I was spoilt with the views on the cable car across the ocean, though I must admit I closed my eyes for 50% of it! We started off watching the entertaining dolphin and seal show, followed by an ear-shattering ‘screamathon’ by me on the Hair Raiser (the scariest roller coaster there!). To finish, we explored the zoo and the aquarium, where I got to see a panda for the first time and touch a starfish! As if that wasn’t great enough, as we were leaving, we were surprised with a bonus show of lights, fireworks, fire, water… you name it – it was in there!

After all of that excitement, we took it down a notch and relaxed in beautiful Aberdeen. Aberdeen is an old-fashioned fishing village, unexpectedly not that far from the centre of Hong Kong. We took a boat ride around, with the friendliest local captain I probably will ever meet! This way we could see fishermen and their relatives living in their house boats on the way to the surprisingly sturdy Jumbo Floating Restaurant.

Seeing as this will be my last blog post, I want to take the time to thank Absolute Internship for genuinely making this one of the best experiences of my life. Most of all, I thank our Programme Coordinator, for always being on hand to show us the hidden treasures of Hong Kong and never let us go by without something new to explore and experience.

To anybody reading this and wondering whether or not to join the programme… do it! I really couldn’t recommend it enough.

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