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Water town – ZhuJiaJiao

Water town – ZhuJiaJiao

Hot, hot, hot and sunny! Lovely! Right time for a day trip to a water town – ZhuJiaJiao. The name comes from the fact that like in Venice, there are water canals crossing the village. Just 1 hour bus trip and we got there. The bus was not actually that bad. I expected worse;) The whole village was full of small stalls selling zongzy – the traditional food for dragon boat festival, knuckle of pork, peas and sweets that were not sweet at all, life fish, frogs life chickens, and all the souvenirs again and arts. Along the river there were small restaurantslike rooms with a couple of tables welcoming hungry visitors. We took a boat ride and then shopped for a while. Towards the end of the stay we headed to the Taoist temple and crossed the largest out of 36 bridges. There, by the bridge, all ladies were selling tortoises and life gold fish for people to buy it and let them free to the water. I have to say that this is a good business, no costs to be incurred, only the opportunity cost of foregoing other better option.


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