Travel Digest: Go Here on Your Seoul Internship

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Travel Digest: Go Here on Your Seoul Internship

In recent decades the world has developed a bit of a crush on South Korean culture. From K-pop, to Korean skincare, all the way to Korean BBQ and bibimbap, Korean culture has become a huge beacon of inspiration for western cultures. 

With a prominent and growing business industry, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has developed as an extremely beneficial spot for interns eager for a worldly experience, as well as a step up in the business world. It’s clear you’ve selected a great spot. But where should you go for your Seoul internship? 

There are tons of places to go and sights to see, but we managed to narrow down a list of some of our favorite destinations. When you’re off the clock or have a weekend to spare, we hope you’ll explore all Seoul has to offer you as an intern. Here are our top sites you need to see. 

Traditional Sights

One of the first things you *must* see is the traditional sights, impacted by the various political climates Korea has had over the centuries. You can see some of this in Bukchon Hanok Village. Its draw is the traditional Korean houses that have been perfectly preserved, letting you step back in time. Here is a great place to brush up on your Korean history, by learning about the Joseon Dynasty, otherwise known as the  last dynastic kingdom of Korea, lasting just over 500 years. Immerse yourself in traditional Korean architecture as you stroll through tiny alleyways, visit art galleries and enjoy the views of the city during your Seoul internship.

On the topic of the Joseon Dynasty, another traditional sight that you must see is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Here you can explore Korean history  while exploring their largest and most iconic palace. Just like Buckingham, you can catch the changing of the guard ceremony a few times a day. It’s important to note that because of this palace’s history, they ask that you speak quietly, so save phone calls and listening to music for another time. Pro-tip- explore the stunning gardens and enjoy the view! 

Seoul Internship

When you need a reprieve from the bustling city, head on over to  Namsan Park to explore the romantic gardens and stunning gardenscape. While here, hike up to  N Seoul Tower within the park for panoramic views of the city.  According to this website, Namsan Park attracts over 20,000 people and is the largest park in Seoul. This area is an excellent one to check out to not only better understand the layout of the city during your Seoul internship, but also to relax from the hustle and bustle below. 

Insadong is our last  recommendation in this category bridging the gap between more contemporary and traditional experiences in Seoul. Here you’ll find many tea houses, antique shops, and galleries. Insadong is the largest market for antiques and artwork in Korea, so you’ll have plenty to explore. The tea shops here are very popular so try a traditional Korean tea, or even consider bringing some dried tea home for family and friends. 

Modern Adventures

After you’ve seen  the traditional architecture of Bukchon Hanok Village it will be time to see something a bit more modern.  The perfect place is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza aka the (DDP).  This futuristically designed plaza hosts various exhibitions, fashion shows and events. It is considered the center of fashion in Seoul and features a distinctively futuristic design characterized by the curving buildings in the area. This is a fun spot you won’t want to miss during your Seoul internship. 

Myeongdong is a bustling district packed with trendy shops, international brands and cosmetics stores. This is a great spot to shop and check out all the latest fashion trends. Don’t worry, when you’re shopping up a storm and get a bit peckish, there are TONS of street food vendors here to revive you. Try some of Seoul’s best street food, with a kimbap to walk and shop! Don’t forget about the other popular Korean food you simply must try. Give a Korean BBQ place a try, or perhaps some Tteokbokki. We could hardly write an article about your internship in Seoul without discussing kimchi, which originates in Korea. Make sure to give some a try and let the deliciously fermented cabbage change your life from the taste buds out. 

Hongdae is the place for you when you want to take your new colleagues on a night out. During your Seoul internship, you’ve surely met new friends and are looking for an evening to let loose and enjoy the nightlife the city has to offer. Hongdae is a vibrant neighborhood known for its youthful energy, artsy vibe and thriving nightlife. Here you’ll find lots of street performers as well as art markets. There are plenty of funky cafes and boutiques as well as an indie music scene that’s simply itching for you to explore. As long as you are of age (19 is the legal drinking age in South Korea!) then you are welcome to learn some of the drinking customs in Seoul.  We would need a full additional blog post to teach you all of those, so do some research before you go, or make some friends native to the city and ask them to teach you! Don’t forget to try lots of Soju, or an alcoholic drink typically made from rice or sweet potatoes. It’s extremely popular and delicious. 

With all these amazing sights, experiences, and tastes,  it might be difficult to actually work during your internship! Interning in Seoul will be a rewarding adventure and the above places don’t even begin to cover all of the wonderful places to see. Feel free to go outside your list and see what your favorite sites are to see. Try wandering around one day simply allowing yourself to discover the city at your own pace.  Enjoy exploring the beautiful city of Seoul while furthering your career and learning both culturally and professionally. 


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