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This is only the beginning

This is only the beginning

Hong Kong…..What a wild city. I remember the first few moments stepping off the plane and into the airport only to be lost in the midst of hundreds of people. I was freaking out thinking “How the heck am I going to find my host in this…” Luckily, he found me first. As time past, each intern arrived – slowly – and we made our way to our new home for two months. I was told before I left for this internship that I am to expect a culture shock; and I experienced just that. As we were driving over Stonecutters Bridge I was finally able to see for myself, Hong Kong island. All the towering buildings and all the cranes, the mountain of shipping containers, it was insane.

For our first dinner in Hong Kong we went to a nearby small Chinese Restaurant. Chinese food was not my specialty, leaving me wondering how I’m going to live off this food for the next 2 months, and to make it worse I’m hopeless with chopsticks. Finally meeting the other interns from all parts Australia was nice because although we are from different areas I think we all seem similar and get along well. The following day we took a chilled tour bus around Hong Kong to familiarise ourselves with the areas. While the day was quiet laid-back, the night however, we all went out to Lan Kwai Fong (the party district) and after a few flaming Lamborghinis we called it a night.

It came to my first day of my Architecture internship at KplusK and having been the intern that had to start at a later date than the others I was eager than ever. Walking into work suited up only to see my co-workers wearing Vans, t-shirts and sunnies. Although I felt way over-dressed and dumb for doing so, I was relived. I have yet to meet all the workers as some are still recovering from New Years, but judging from their music playlist of Coldplay and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, I knew that there’s guys are a sweet crowd.

I’ve been in Hong Kong for only a week now, I’ve learnt a lot and have met many good people and this is only the beginning.

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